Photo: Ewen Bell / Wine Australia

Export Market Guides: changes in eight markets including the Philippines

Photo: Ewen Bell / Wine Australia
01 Jun 2018
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Among changes in eight markets that have been included in recent updates to Wine Australia’s Export Market Guides is a new import procedure in the Philippines.

Effective 12 March 2018, importers need to be accredited by the Bureau of Customs in the Philippines.

Export Market Guides are available for Australian wine exporters and wine grapes levy payers.

The main markets and updates include the following:


  • updated tariff headings
  • excise tax increase
  • updated Wine Standards
  • new Bureau of Customs import licensing requirement, and
  • Food and Drug Administration Product Registration requirements updated.

Sri Lanka

  • increase to import tariffs, and
  • information for importing trade samples.


  • latest round of the Japan–Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA) tariff cuts effective 1 April 2018
  • tariff and tax calculation example
  • organic exporting requirements, and
  • Import Declaration process updated.


  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement tariff reduction schedule
  • addition of liqueur wine to wine standards and labelling definitions, and
  • new analysis fees for imports subject to ‘hold, test and release’.

Other Export Market Guides updated are Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Chile.

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