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Save the date for ASVOs Mildura Seminar on 25 & 26 July

Photo: Wine Australia
09 Feb 2018
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For more than three decades, the ASVO Mildura Seminar has brought together Australian and international researchers, growers and consultants to reflect on the wine sector’s achievements and exchange ideas to further advance the adoption of innovation, and increase profitability and sustainability.

The 37th mid-year ASVO seminar will be held in Mildura on 25 and 26 July 2018.

This year’s annual seminar will focus on the management of pests and diseases, which has been a hot topic across the grape and wine community for several years, given the challenges faced from changing weather patterns, limited agrochemical options and exotic species.

‘Each season presents different challenges across our winegrowing regions. Pest and disease management is a priority area to examine and redefine best management practices’

- Mardi Longbottom, Chair of the Program Committee.

Attendees at this year’s seminar will have the opportunity to gain an insight into the latest research from both Australian and international speakers on topics ranging from managing existing pests and diseases, exotic pest prevention and enduring vine health for future vineyard productivity.

The seminar will also include the latest research on the topic along with a strong practical element on practical implementation.

The program and online registration will be available closer to the event at