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Wine brands encouraged to tap into export growth opportunities

04 Dec 2019

A major investment in wine export capability over the past few years has seen hundreds of wine exporters attend Wine Australia’s ‘Growing Wine Exports’ workshops in regions across Australia.

The uptake in export training and use of the capability tools comes as exporters look to capitalise on increasing demand for Australian wine, created by favourable trading conditions and amplified international marketing funded by the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package (the $50m Package), which ends June 2020.

Wine Australia Chief Executive Officer Andreas Clark said, ‘the $50m Package has enabled the Australian wine sector to compete on the world stage like never before, delivering bold, eye-catching marketing campaigns on an unprecedented scale.

‘To help businesses leverage this increased activity, we’ve invested in market intelligence, exporter tools and case studies – all of which are focused on targeting markets with the strongest growth potential.

‘It’s not about prescribing which markets are the most “attractive” but giving exporters the insights and tools to help them determine the markets that are the best fit for their business – and ultimately maximise the return on their investment.

‘The workshops are targeted at those who are currently exporting, or looking to export, with hands-on content that focuses on individual business circumstances. For some participants, it’s a matter of refining their export strategy, or giving it a “health-check”. While for others, it’s a matter of “Where do I start?” Already, we’ve seen 18 producers commence exporting as a result of the program. 

‘Our last workshop for 2019 is being held in Yarra Valley on 11–12 December and our March to May 2020 schedule will be released early next year’, Mr Clark said.

All workshops are heavily subsidised by the $50m Package. Dates and locations will be published on as the information becomes available.

For media enquiries please contact

Amelia Harris – Wine Australia
Communications Manager, Export and Regional Wine Support Package
Phone: +61 437 714 571

About Wine Australia

Wine Australia supports a competitive wine sector by investing in research, development and extension (RD&E), growing domestic and international markets, protecting the reputation of Australian wine and administering the Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

Wine Australia is an Australian Commonwealth Government statutory authority, established under the Wine Australia Act 2013, and funded by grape growers and winemakers through levies and user-pays charges and the Australian Government, which provides matching funding for RD&E investments.

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.