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Pinot Noir provenance and traceability: Australian benchmarking to support perception of quality, marketing and add value to the supply chain



This project will generate clear descriptors of Australian Pinot Noir styles and regionality and progress the identification of impact compounds for Pinot Noir.

Key points across the production chain (vine-to-wine-to-market) will be identified where the quality, unique character and sustainability of Australian Pinot Noir can be documented and optimised providing the wine sector with 'evidence-based provenance' and clear intervention points.


This project furthers Wine Australia’s Strategy 3 Building Grape and Wine Excellence by generating robust scientific and qualitative evidence to explain the unique character, quality and provenance of Australia’s emerging premier red wine: Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is arguably one of the most elusive varieties as there are so many stylistic options.

The project will involve collaboration with leading international researchers in Pinot Noir and Australian wine sector partners, providing strong capacity to guide and use project outputs for process improvement, product development and international marketing.

Research approach

The project has three main components:

An intensive scientific and sensory benchmarking of 80 Australian/international Pinot Noir wines (phenolic, polysaccharide, aroma matrix analysis; descriptive, time–intensity sensory analysis) supported by rapid phenolic analysis of 220 Australian Pinot Noir wines

Documentation and interpretation of site, soil and climate factors across the supply chain for 16 Australian wines to describe triple bottom line metrics for traceability and terroir, supported by a survey of similar information for 220 Australian Pinot Noir wines

A blind tasting of 80 Australian/international wines for expert qualitative comment to differentiate wine style by terroir, vintage, region.

Chemometrics will combine the diverse qualitative and quantitative data forms from the three parts of the project to generate evidence of provenance. Once established, the methods developed in this project will be applicable to other red wine varieties.

Sector benefits

Increasing demand and premium paid for Australian Pinot Noir, and associated potential expansion of plantings and production in cool climate regions of Australia.

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.