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Safeguarding and realising the potential of the Australian wine microbial germplasm collection



To maintain a yeast and bacterial culture collection.


The Australian wine sector has identified the need of a state-of-the-art repository for its microbial germplasm collection of yeast and bacterial strains. The current collection at AWRI contains a large number of indigenous isolates, many of which are yet to be exploited in winemaking. This largely untapped resource has the potential to provide the Australian sector with novel yeast and bacterial winemaking strains for efficient and reliable fermentations and the means to shape wine style to meet consumer demand.

Research approach

The collection will maintain, to internationally recognised standards, a large and diverse range of yeast and bacteria for sector and research projects. Unclassified strains already in the collection will be characterised, protocols will be developed to ensure IP protection of third party strains, and a back-up copy of the entire culture collection will be established and stored frozen off-site.

Sector benefits

The availability of a diverse and well characterised collection of wine yeast and bacterial strains will provide winemakers with the tools to increase fermentation efficiency and to differentiate their wine products and will provide researchers with germplasm resources with which to develop further yeast and bacterial strains.