Wine Australia's research activities

This page contains information about our current research projects and programs, reports from our completed projects, and tells you how to access our funding and report back to us if you are funded. Browse the listing or search for particular topics.

We invest in research to support both our priorities:

  • Increasing demand and the premium paid for all Australian wine, and
  • Increasing competitiveness.

To increase demand and the premium paid for all Australian wine, we will provide tangible evidence to support our fine wine claims through research into Australia’s unique terroirs and deeper knowledge of our customers globally and what influences their purchasing decisions.

We will help build excellence through research that develops new viticultural approaches, digital tools  and measures to assess grape and wine provenance and quality to optimise viticultural and winemaking practices so that the influences of terroir can be captured, enhanced and preserved.

Our focus on enhancing and building Australia’s competitive edge will be through research that develops new or enhanced technologies to improve vineyard and winery efficiency and performance.

We will encourage improved resource management and sustainability and equip the sector to manage the challenges of short-term climate cycles and long-term climate change.

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Funding opportunities
Wine Australia invests in and directs research, development and extension to support a competitive Australian wine sector.
Research & development reporting
How to report for your Wine Australia-funded research project, scholarship or travel/visiting scholar bursary.
RD&E in your region
Wine Australia partners with sector organisations in 11 regional clusters to encourage and support innovation, extension and adoption of R&D.
Australian Wine Flavours Card
The Australian Wine Flavours Card is a tool that helps wine businesses identify descriptors for Australian wine that are easily understood by Chinese customers.

Efficient winery production

2XE 1501 Activity based costing tool & benchmarking database development & extension project
Chief investigator: James McIntyre
Research organisation: 2XE

AWR 1502

Winemaking interventions to modulate glutathione status: effects on white wine quality
Chief investigator: Dr Simon Schmidt
Research organisation: Australian Wine Research Institute

Enhanced yeast and bacterial performance

AWRI 3.3.1

Evaluating non-conventional yeast for the production of wines that contain less ethanol
Chief investigator: Dr Cristian Varela
Research organisation: Australian Wine Research Institute

UA 1302

Fit-for-purpose yeast and bacteria via directed evolution
Chief investigator: Professor Vladimir Jiranek
Research organisation: University of Adelaide