Export Market Guide - Korea

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All regulatory information for exporting wine goods to Korea , including the regulatory environment, duties and taxes, and permitted additives.

Australia is the sixth largest exporter of wine by value to Korea behind France, Chile, Italy, the US and Spain. In volume terms, Australia sits in eighth position. 

Australia has continued to perform well in the Korean wine market. The ‘clean & green’ image of Australian wine is important in Korea where there is an emphasis on healthy foods. 

Australia’s Free Trade Agreement with Korea entered into force on 12 December 2014 and saw tariffs reduce to zero immediately. It is hoped that the FTA will boost Australian wine sales in Korea to compete with Chile, the USA and EU member states, who also have Free Trade Agreements with Korea

Australian Government agencies such as Austrade and Wine Australia continue to work to develop the Korean market by providing information, education and market opportunities for Australian exporters.

Regulatory environment

Korea has a number of regulations in relation to wine imports. Wine import taxes are governed by the Customs Act, Liquor Tax Act, Education Tax Act and Value-Added Tax Act. The Liquor Tax Act is administered by the Korea National Tax Service and relates to classification, authorised practices and additives, labelling and recordkeeping duties of alcoholic beverages. Imports into Korea are controlled by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety administers the Food Sanitation Act, The Food Code 2009 which outlines the standards and specifications for each food product, Food Labelling Standards and the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Management 2016.

Import procedure for the Korea market

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Duties and taxes for the Korea market

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Labelling requirements for the Korea market

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Wine standards for the Korea market

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