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All regulatory information for exporting wine to New Zealand, including the regulatory environment, duties and taxes, and permitted additives.

Australia and New Zealand have a strong and co-operative relationship stemming from the close geographic proximity and historical ties. Australia and New Zealand are parties to the Australia

New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (or CER), which came into effect on 1 January 1983, creating one of the world’s most open and successful free trade agreements.  Stemming from this agreement as well as the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement, any good that may be legally sold in Australia may be legally sold in New Zealand, and vice-versa.

Further to this, Australia and New Zealand share the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code which came into effect on 20 December 2002 aligning our food and labelling laws. The exceptions to this are Maximum Residual Levels and Food Safety Standards, which are administered in New Zealand under their own laws, and Australia’s Wine Production Requirements.

New Zealand has an international reputation as an outstanding producer of white wines, most particularly through the success of its Sauvignon Blanc. New Zealand is Australia’s sixth largest export market by volume and value whilst Australia is now the largest export market by both volume and value for New Zealand wine. The close relationship between the two countries should ensure the ongoing success and protection of these valuable export markets. 

Regulatory environment

The Ministry for Primary Industries is responsible for administering food regulations. 

Relevant legislation includes the Food Acts 1981 and 2014 (which incorporates the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code), the Wine Act 2003 and Regulations 2006, and the Wine (Specifications Notice) 2006. By virtue of the shared Code, domestically labelled products meet the legal requirements for export to New Zealand. 

Import procedures for the New Zealand market

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Duties and taxes for the New Zealand market

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Labelling requirements for the New Zealand market

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Wine standards for the New Zealand market

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