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All regulatory information for exporting wine to Norway, including the regulatory environment, duties and taxes, and wine standards.

Norway has a very open economy which is dependent on trade with other countries. Norway has one of the most restrictive alcohol control policies in Europe. Wine is heavily taxed and expensive, therefore Norwegian consumers are very price conscious. Government policy on alcohol is very restrictive; there is no consumer advertising, marketing is restricted, high taxes are imposed and a retail monopoly is maintained by the Government. The Norwegian Government has historically held a tight control on the consumption of alcohol in order to protect the health of the public. The minimum age for spirit consumption is 20 years, while for all other alcoholic beverages the minimum age is 18.

Advertising of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all forms, including sponsorship of public events. Wine columns in newspapers and magazines are acceptable and may be the only form of information available to consumers outside of the Vinmonopolet stores. In 2015, Parliament accepted and put into practice more flexible alcohol policies. Changes in alcohol laws allows Vinmonopolet to stay open in previously closed days, such as New Year’s Eve, Easter Eve, and election days. The amendment also allows grocery stores to sell alcoholic beverages on election days.

Regulatory environment

Norway is a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Economic Area (EEA). Norwegian food legislation on food safety, labelling and traceability is subject to standardised EU rules, which have been incorporated into Norwegian legislation through the EEA cooperation. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) is the responsible government authority for matters relating to foods in Norway. The Norwegian Directorate of Health administers the Alcohol Act. The Directorate of Norwegian Customs control import procedures including import licences and permits while the Norwegian Tax Administration administers excise and environmental taxes.

Refer to the EU Export Market Guide for more information on the regulatory requirements.

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