Export Market Guide - Switzerland

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All regulatory information for exporting wine goods to Switzerland including the regulatory environment, duties and taxes, and permitted additives.

Switzerland is a relatively small land-locked European country with a total land area of 41,284 sq. km. It is surrounded by European Union (EU) States including Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein. The total population of Switzerland is approximately 8 million.

Switzerland is an exceptionally independent country with an ideology of neutrality. Although moves are slowly being made towards accession to the EU through gradual changes of Swiss legislation, this is unlikely to occur for many years to come due to continual rejection of the idea at federal referendum. The Swiss legislation relating to wine production and labelling have been amended to conform to EU regulations in recent years. Due to the strengthening relationship between Switzerland and the EU as well as its increasing activity within the UN and WTO, the customs duties and non-tariff trade barriers to imported wine have been reduced significantly. 

Regulatory environment

The Swiss Federal Customs Administration controls the importation of wine and collects import duties. The Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) controls much of the food safety laws. The principle laws include the Federal Act on Foodstuffs 2014, Federal Act on Agriculture 1998 and DFI Ordinance on Beverages.

The Federal Act on Alcohol 1932 (Alcohol Act) is one of the oldest laws of the Confederation. On 20 September 2016, the National Council adopted a partial revision of the Act. The changes will be introduced in stages over three years and will see the integration of the Federal Alcohol Administration into the Federal Customs Administration. The successor organisation is called the Department for Alcohol and Tobacco (AAT). The AAT will be launched in 2018.

Import procedures for the Swiss market

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Duties and taxes for the Swiss market

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Labelling requirements for the Swiss market

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Wine standards for the Swiss market

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