What wine is exempt from the export charge?

Small quantities of wine are exempt from charge. This is a summary of the definition of small quantities:

  1. Wine
    • that is in a labelled container up to 5 litres and fitted with a non-reusable closure or
    • up to 100 litres exported on one ship or aircraft to one destination - by one exporter**
  2. Wine in personal luggage (up to 30 litres)
  3. Wine sent from one person to another (up to 30 litres)
  4. When moving house, wine that is part of household effects
  5. Wine samples for a trade fair or event
  6. Wine for scientific or technical purposes (up to 100 litres)
  7. Duty free wine
  8. Wine for catering on international vehicles

** For Paragraph 1. above, two or more exporters are taken to be one exporter if the exporters are:

  • related bodies corporate (within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001) or
  • individuals who are relatives or
  • individuals who are acting in concert with each other.