The United States is the largest consumer (by volume) of wine in the world with 158 million wine drinkers – and that number continues its consistent rise.

According to Euromonitor, 345 million cases were sold in the US in 2015, up 2.1 per cent. Of those sales, 22 per cent were imported wines. Australian wine represents 5 per cent of total US wine sales and is the second largest imported wine behind Italy, accounting for 14 per cent of the volume.

In the year ended December 2016, Australia exported 160 million litres valued at A$458 million, 3 per cent more than in the previous 12 months. Exports showed a solid growth trend for premium bottled wines with wines above A$10 per litre increasing by 23 per cent to A$41 million.

We share our great stories and raise the profile of Australian wine through our Market Entry Program, Australia Today trade education events, consumer engagement, restaurant and retail activations, and the North American VIP media and trade hosting at Savour Australia at the Vancouver International Wine Festival.

Our activities will continue to focus on partnerships and collaborations. We will offer consistent visibility and support for the Australian wine category and your brand in the US market.


In 2015, the total wine market in Canada was valued at more than C$11.8 billion and more than 546 million litres of wine was consumed. According to Euromonitor International, the Canadian wine market grew by 4 per cent in value and volume. Notably it was the higher price points that drove growth.

In Canada, approximately 72 per cent of the wine market is imported. Australia is the number three imported wine in Canada by volume (after Italy and the US) and wine consumption continues to trend upwards.

This trend is also reflected in Australian export data. Canada is Australia’s fourth largest export market by value. In the 12 months to December 2016, total value decreased by 0.2 per cent to A$193 million while volume decreased by 4 per cent to 63 million litres. However, the average value of wine exports to Canada increased by 4 per cent to A$3.15 per litre, continuing its steady growth over several years, while there was strong growth in higher priced segments, with exports of wine at $10 per litre or more increasing by 9 per cent to $26 million.

The last 12 months have been a demonstration of what our sector can accomplish as a collective. Together we have created compelling, large-scale events that have seen Australia and our wines dominate wine media in Canada. Wine sector collaboration and tourism partnerships will continue to be woven into our activities. Savour Australia at the Vancouver International Wine Festival played a pivotal role in showcasing Australia’s ‘History, Evolution and Revolution’ to trade and media and this theme will continue to be the focus for our upcoming events in Canada.

Through continued investment in education, targeted public relations, consumer, trade and media events, sales promotions, sales data analysis and consumer research, we are building commercial confidence in premium Australian wines that will support a sustainable future.

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