Wine Australia China market programs
Wine Australia China market programs

China is the most valuable market for Australian wine exports and the growth is expected to continue

Mainland China is now the number one destination by value for Australian wine, accounting for 23 per cent of our total export value. Aided by the introduction of the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) in December 2015 and the growing interest of the Chinese middle class in wine, exports to mainland China grew by 40 per cent to $520 million in the year to the end of December.

The rise of China is no more apparent than in the fact that just a decade ago, sales there were worth just $27 million. 

Australia’s market share in China also remains strong, accounting for 24 per cent of the value and 16 per cent of the volume of total bottled imports as of year ending December 2016, ranking us second behind France. Australia’s average value of bottled imports (US$6.99/litre) is the highest among the top seven importing countries.

China is now the biggest market for red wine in the world.

To capitalise on the market opportunities in China, we have a program of activities including those that target off-premise trade, online promotions, participation in consumer fairs, trade shows, tasting roadshows, Langton’s tastings and the Wine Australia China Awards that recognise those wine professionals who have helped raise the profile of Australian wine in China.

E-commerce opportunities in China are also growing at a rapid rate and 2016 saw the launch of a flagship Australian wine online store on, providing a further avenue for Chinese consumers to purchase Australian wines.

The online store opens up another commercial opportunity for Australian wineries to tap into China’s growing appreciation for our fine wines.

We provide advice and valuable in market knowledge to help navigate and foster success in China. Find out more about e-commerce opportunities in China here.

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