The United Kingdom and Europe continue to be very important markets for Australian wine.


“With regional diversity, the premiumisation trend and extensive on- and off- trade channels, Europe is a key market for Australian wine. So too is the UK - whilst an established market, it is very open to new styles, acting as a trendsetter and shop window for the rest of the wine world.” 

- Laura Jewell MW, Regional General Manager, EMEA, Wine Australia


The UK remains the number one destination for Australian wine exports by volume. More Australian wine is shipped to the UK than to any other market and Australia is the leading wine producing nation in the UK off-trade, with 23% market share. In the UK on-trade Australia is in third place behind Italy and France and ahead of USA.

While the UK is the biggest destination for Australian wine, Australia also exports wine to over 30 European countries. There are encouraging signs of growth across a number of markets, particularly The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark.

The growth in exports reflects the resurgence of interest in Australian wine, with trade and consumers revisiting the classics and discovering the new. Australian wine is going through an exciting period of evolution and revolution, which is exactly what we want to demonstrate to the UK and Europe markets. Matthew Jukes, UK wine writer and publisher of highlights the evolution of Australian wine:

“Today’s top Australian wines are perfectly balanced, refreshing, energetic, stunning value for money and first class.”

How can Wine Australia support your marketing strategy in this market?

To keep up the momentum, support growing exports and drive interest and demand for premium Australian wine, every year we commit to a comprehensive programme across the UK and Europe. Activities range from master classes and trade tastings, retailer promotions and educational workshops, to food and wine pairing sessions.

We run these activities to help you – the producers and distributors – to place premium Australian wines on the retail shelves, online and in wine lists, and ensure that they are included in positive conversations across the media.

How can you get involved?

The three biggest events in our UK/Europe calendar are the Australia Trade Tastings (ATT) in the UK, ProWein in Germany and the Nordic Roadshow. These events are an opportunity to establish or grow your in-market presence, network with trade and media, work on leads and generate listings.

Australia Trade Tastings 2019 - London
ProWein 2019 - Düsseldorf

Throughout the year we also run themed tastings, such as Artisans of Australian Wine, Women in Wine and Australia Redefined in London. By focusing on a particular topic or wine style, these events are more targeted to specific audiences than the ATT.

We highly recommend the winemakers and winery principals come over from Australia, as their presence helps to tailor the stories told and drive home the authenticity message. We also encourage exhibitors to put their best foot forward to show premium wines and new releases from their range. 

Other activities include master classes, free pour tastings, food and wine matching sessions, blind tastings and educational workshops. These are events that you can submit your wines into, but often don’t require you to attend.

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Success stories

Attending in person

A very small producer from the Barossa participated in our London and Copenhagen Off the Vine and Made our Way events in September 2018. They only make two wines and had not sold a drop in either city before, but they wowed importers and trade with their stunning wines. They signed up with an importer before leaving the event in London – a fantastic result and so quick! This shows what you can achieve by attending in person, being focussed on your product and clear in what you want to achieve.

Careful wine selection and pricing

You don’t always have to visit the market in-person – sometimes you can secure listings and sales by sending wines for master classes, free pour tastings and educational sessions. A small winery in the Adelaide Hills decided to put a toe in the water in the UK, where they had no listings, and they sent wines for the Alternative Varieties Tasting. With over 100 wines in the room, they were amazed to receive an order for a pallet of their Saperavi to be shipped direct to a customer. Carefully select which wines to send, share your contact details and get your pricing right – you never know who will taste your wines and be impressed.

Doing your research

A winery in the Hunter Valley decided to look at new markets in Europe and attended the Nordic Roadshow in October 2018. At one of the tastings, he and the wines impressed the buyer of one of the monopolies so much that they changed the itinerary for their upcoming visit to Australia to include a visit and further tasting at the winery. Do your research, work out your pricing, make contact and who knows what listings may result?


Webinar: Australia’s old vines - A journey through Barossa & McLaren Vale

Monday 12 October 10:00 - 11:00 (CEST) – presented in German

Explore Australia’s rich winemaking history and the country’s old vines with Thomas Curtius MW, and hear insights from James March in the Barossa and Michael Wehrs in McLaren Vale. 

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