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Australia Wine Export Report June 2016

Growth driven by higher price points
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In positive news for the Australian wine community, the value of Australian wine exports has grown by 11% to $2.11 billion in the year to June 2016.

In positive news for the Australian wine community, our Export Report June 2016 has shown the value of Australian wine exports has grown by 11% to $2.11 billion in the twelve months to June 2016. The average value of exports also grew by 11%, its highest level since February 2010. This increase in value reflects the increasing demand for premium Australian wines in most key markets around the world, particularly Northeast Asia and North America.

In the year to June 2016, Australian wine was exported to 119 countries. The value of the Australian wine exports increased in 74 of these, including four of the top five markets for Australian wine. There were 1647 active Australian wine exporters in this period, up from 1406 in the same period in 2015. Of these 1144  Australian wine exporters contributed to the increase in value of Australian wine exports. In another positive sign, the number of Australian wine products registered for export increased by 14% to 15,363, the highest number since 2009–10.

’…increased demand for Australia’s finest wines was reflected in all of our top five export markets. Exports priced $10 FOB and over to the United States grew by 16%, mainland China by 71% the United Kingdom by 15%, Canada by 12%, and Hong Kong by 5%’
Andreas Clark, Wine Australia CEO

In the twelve months to June 2016 the growth in value of Australian wine exports was driven by bottled exports, most notably those at higher price points. Almost half of the value growth for Australian wine exports was in wines above $10 per litre. In Graph 1, we can see there was growth all the way to the most expensive Australian wine exports with the strongest rates of growth coming between $30 and $99.99 per litre.

Graph 1: value and growth rate of exports above $10 per litre

Australian wine export report June 2016Northeast Asia continued to lead this growth, with the value of Australian wine exports to the region increasing by $158 million (34 per cent) to $618 million. Exports to China were the main force for this growth, despite a slowing Chinese economy. This growth was aided by the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), and the growing interest in imported wine amongst the rapidly expanding Chinese middle class. The country is now Australia’s second most valuable export market. Red wine remains the dominant Australian wine category. Red wine has a 72% share of Australian wine export value, ahead of white wine with 25% and other wines with 3%. As well as being the most significant category, red wine was also the best performing Australian wine category, up 14% to $1.5 billion. Exports of Australian white wine also grew but at a lower rate, up 5% to $533 million.

Graph 2: growth rates of key red varieties 

Australian wine export report June 2016North America – improved perceptions, increased Australian wine exports

The trend towards Australia’s premium wines in the U.S. continued with exports priced above $10 per litre increasing by 16% to $35 million. This reflects the improved perceptions of Australian wine among the U.S. trade with a growing number of importers taking on more premium Australian brands. Recent media coverage along with preliminary results from research commissioned by Wine Australia also shows increasing levels of positive sentiment for the Australian wine category among the trade and consumers.  There is still much work to do in increasing the awareness and availability of premium Australian wine across key markets in the U.S. However, the U.S. isn’t the only important market for Australian wine in North America: Australia is the third largest source of imported wine in Canada, behind only the US and Italy. In the past year Australian wine exports to Canada increased by 7% in value to $195 million. The average value of bottled exports grew by 6% to $5.56 per litre, continuing its steady growth over the last several years and it is now at its highest level since October 2009. Key activities undertaken in the last twelve months, such as the Savour Australia Roadshow across the U.S. and Canada, have helped to spread the Australian fine wine message with key influencers in the North American wine trade and media. Showcasing the history, evolution and revolution of Australian wine to this audience has been integral in laying the groundwork for future Australian wine export success in North America.

Australian wine exports to China – an increasingly important trade partner

As a result of the favourable trading conditions in our second largest export market by value, the number of Australian wine companies exporting to mainland China increased from 930 to 1176 in the year to June 2016. The vast majority of these Australia wine exports were red wines, as China’s affinity with and growing affection for Australian red wines continued apace. Red wine’s share of Australian wine export value increased from 91 to 93 per cent and the value of red wine exports increased by 53% to $390 million. While coming off a much lower base, Australian white wine exports also increased, up by 14% to $19 million, showing potential for future growth in this area. The recent free trade agreements with China, Japan and South Korea have given a substantial stimulus to Australian wine exports into Northeast Asia. At the recent Asian Cultural Workshop, hosted by Wine Australia in Adelaide, attendees learnt how taking advantage of this potential will require patience, commitment and consistency from the Australian wine community. While this was the first event of its type, it was clear by the end of the day that the lessons learned will help Australian wine exporters to make better business decisions and build productive, lasting relationships in these key export markets.

Australian wine export growth supporting Australia’s fine wine message

The demand for fine Australian wine has continued to grow around the world, with our top wines contributing to almost half of the total value growth in the last 12 months. Australian wine exports priced at $10 and over per litre are up 26% to a record $499 million. This is great news for Australian wine, the result of hard work, passion and a dedication to sharing our premium Australian wines with the world.

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