Wine Export Charge

What is the Wine Export Charge?

The Wine Export Charge is a levy payable by exporters of Australian wine. The Wine Export Charge funds Wine Australia’s market development activities that are aimed at increasing the demand, sale and consumption of Australian wine both domestically and overseas. You can read more about our marketing programs here and can access a copy of our five year strategic plan.

Who collects the Wine Export Charge?

From 1 October 2015, the Wine Export Charge has been collected by Wine Australia. Previously, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has collected this charge.

How is the Wine Export Charge calculated?

The Wine Export Charge remains the same. It is calculated as a percentage of the free on board (FOB) sales value. The export charge rates are as follows:

Wine free on board (FOB) sales value for the levy year Levy base amount Plus Amount of levy payable
$0 to $20 million - 0.20% of value
$20 million to $70 million $40,000 + 0.10% of value between $20m and $70m
$70 million and over $90,000 + 0.05% of value over $70m

For example, if the FOB sales value is $75 000, the charge payable is calculated as: $75 000 x 0.2% = $150.
Rates are current as at 1 July 2015.
The Wine Export Charge excludes GST.