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Australia is the fifth largest wine producer in the world, and the largest in the Southern hemisphere (although it vies with Argentina for both positions from year to year). The total vineyard area is around 135,000 hectares.

Australian wine and vines: diverse and authentic

Australia is the fifth largest wine producer in the world, and the largest in the Southern hemisphere (although it vies with Argentina for both positions from year to year). The total vineyard area is around 135,000 hectares. While the top five varieties make up three quarters of all plantings, there are over 100 different varieties planted, with a recent surge in popularity of “alternative” varieties that are well suited to Australia’s climate, originating mainly from the warmer regions around the Mediterranean.

Australia was one of only two countries in the world whose vines were not destroyed by phylloxera in the nineteenth century, which means it has some of the oldest grapevines in the world, dating back to the 1840s.  It also has some of the oldest and most varied soil profiles on Earth, creating distinctive terroirs that allow for the production of unique wine styles.

There are 65 separate recognised Australian Geographical Indication vineyard regions spread across Australia from Southern Queensland to Tasmania, and from Margaret River to the Hunter Valley.

Wine production is around 1.2 billion litres per year, with 52 per cent being red wine. Total production, and the proportion of red wines, have both been increasing in recent years, driven by strong sales demand for Australian premium red wines, particularly from China.

Total sales of Australian wine are around 1.3 billion litres.

Photo: Randy Larcombe / Wine Australia

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National Vintage Report

Latest update: 22 Aug 2018

The national vintage report provides insights and trend analysis on the Australian wine vintage by providing an estimate of the total crush and calculated average prices paid for purchased grapes by region and variety.

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Regional snapshots

Latest update: 01 Jun 2018

Regional Snapshots are one-page profiles of individual Australian wine regions and provide at-a-glance summary statistics on: climatic characteristics, viticulture data, winegrape production, winegrape price and export sales data for wine from the region, compared against the same statistics for the whole of Australia.

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Variety snapshots - wine grape types

Latest update: 23 Feb 2018

One-page profiles of Australian winegrape varieties with at-a-glance summary statistics on: major wine regions, total planted area, price and sales data for the variety compared with other varieties.

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Australian wine: Production, sales and inventory report

Latest update: 30 Jan 2018

The Australian Wine: Production Sales and Inventory Report  presents the results of the annual Wine Production, Sales and Inventory Survey, conducted by Wine Australia. The report aims to provide an overview of the current supply and demand situation for Australian wine.

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Small Winemaker Production and Sales survey report

Latest update: 02 Nov 2017

This report outlines the results of the 2017 Small Winemaker Production and Domestic Sales Survey, conducted by Wine Australia. It is part of a series of surveys that together provide a summary of the current supply and demand dynamics of Australian wine.

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Australian Vineyards Snapshot

Latest update: 22 Dec 2015

The Australian Vineyards Snapshot provides a high-level overview of Australia’s vineyard plantings, based on the viticultural information gained by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the Vineyards 2015 data collection.

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