About the report

The Australian Wine Export Report, produced by Wine Australia, is a comprehensive report and analysis of total exports of Australian wine.  It includes value, average value and volume of export sales broken down by country, wine style and container type, plus the percentage change year-on-year for the category for the most recent MAT and an historic overview for the past 10 years.

Report summary

The Australian wine export report is Wine Australia’s flagship report on Australian wine exports. Produced quarterly, it includes charts and tables for:

  • Total wine exports by top 15 destinations (volume and value)
  • Wine exports by country, container and colour (volume and value)
  • Bottled wine exports by colour/wine style, price point, top 15 destinations, varieties and GI regions (volume, value and average value per litre)
  • Bulk wine exports by colour/wine style, top 15 destinations and price point

The latest export report (MAT December 2017) shows that, in the 12 months to December 2017, the value of Australian wine exports grew by 15 per cent to $2.56 billion and volume increased by 8 per cent to 811 million litres. The average value of exports grew by 7 per cent to $3.16 per litre, the highest level since 2009. Export value growth was driven by bottled exports, most notably at higher price points. Bottled exports grew by 17 per cent to $2.1 billion and the average value grew by 3 per cent to $5.63 per litre. Shiraz was the top varietal based on label claim, increasing by 18 per cent in value to $601 million. Chardonnay increased by 6 per cent in value to $182 million.

The report is updated quarterly.  Reports from previous quarters are also available.  See also the Australian wine export monitor and the Above $10 Report.

About the source

This report is compiled from the Wine Australia Export Approvals Database. This database contains information on all wine exported from Australia since 1991. Intending exporters are required to record the details of all consignments in the database prior to being granted a licence for shipment. Information recorded includes the volume, value, country of destination, container type, winestyle, GI region/s and variety/ies and varietal/regional label claim..