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Market insights – Grape production and pricing

The success of the Australian wine sector is underpinned by its vineyard base and the profitable production of wine grapes each year. This section includes a number of reports related to the supply of wine grapes – including vineyard plantings, grape crush and wine grape pricing by region and variety.
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Australia's wine grape production is around 1.75 m tonnes per year, from a vineyard base of 146,000 hectares spread over 65 wine growing regions. Wine grape prices are affected by export demand, available supply and global wine production.

Summary of reports

The National Vineyard Scan reports the total current vineyard area in Australia by GI region and state. The latest scan results are for 2018.

The National Vintage report provides details of the Australian winegrape crush for the latest vintage at a national, state and regional level, as well as winegrape prices paid by variety and region.

There are also price dispersion reports for the past 10 vintages that allow analysis of grape prices in more detail for each variety and region – including the distribution of purchases across a number of price bands. These reports can be found on the National Vintage Report page.

Regional snapshots report total area, top planted varieties, latest crush and export figures for the largest 30 GI regions. There are also maps of each region showing the location of vineyards (taken from the National Vineyard scan).

Varietal snapshots report the total planted area, top regions, latest crush and export figures for the top 30 white and red varieties grown in Australia.

The Grape Price Indicators dashboard provides a current summary of the key drivers of inland winegrape prices in Australia, as well as an indication of the forecast direction for grape prices ahead of the next vintage.

The Global Supply Monitor provides half-yearly updates on the global winegrape harvest for the latest vintage and corresponding global wine consumption (demand) to give an analysis of the global supply-demand position. The information is obtained from the OIV World Vitiviniculture reports.

For a historical perspective on global winegrape supply, the Historical Global Winegrape Compendium and Database provides details of winegrape plantings across all countries in the world by variety (1990 – 2010).


Photo: Randy Larcombe / Wine Australia

Reports listing

: Restricted to levy payers and wine exporters. Some reports are available for purchase - find out more

Bulk wine monitor

Latest update: 23 Oct 2023

The Bulk Wine Monitor is a one-page at-a-glance summary, which provides grapegrowers and winemakers with an indication of supply and demand for commercial wine on the global market and the competitiveness of Australian wine.

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Global wine supply monitor

Latest update: 07 Aug 2023

The global wine supply monitor offers a snapshot of global wine production, including historical volumes for the top eight producing countries, as well as analysis on this year’s vintage.

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National Vintage Report

Latest update: 11 Jul 2023

The national vintage report provides insights and trend analysis on the Australian wine vintage by providing an estimate of the total crush and calculated average prices paid for purchased grapes by region and variety.

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Global wine production competitor analysis

Latest update: 02 Nov 2021

The Global Wine Production Competitor Analysis report is a high-level overview of the main wine producing countries in the world: Italy, France, Spain, USA, South Africa, Argentina and Chile. It pulls together information from various data sources to summarise the profile of these countries as wine producers and exporters, and how they are positioned relative to Australia in key export markets.

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Australian wine regions and varieties

Latest update: 14 May 2021

With over 200 years of viticulture and winemaking, Australia has a rich wine, vine and family history to explore. Australia offers distinguished sites, the wealth of some of the oldest vines on the planet and multi-generational families whose long-standing dedication provides inspiration, leadership and custodial care of Australia’s most precious vines and wines.

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Historical global winegrape compendium and database

Latest update: 21 Sep 2020

A comprehensive global record of bearing area of all winegrapes by variety and region (hence country) for the years 2000 and 2010

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National Vineyard Scan

Latest update: 29 Jan 2020

The National Vineyard Scan is part of a project funded by Wine Australia to geolocate all winegrape vineyards in Australia, using a computer algorithm to scan aerial imagery and detect vineyards without human intervention. The project has been undertaken by Consilium Technology on behalf of Wine Australia and will be repeated for three years from 2018-2020.

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Australian Vineyards Snapshot

Latest update: 22 Dec 2015

The Australian Vineyards Snapshot provides a high-level overview of Australia’s vineyard plantings, based on the viticultural information gained by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the Vineyards 2015 data collection.

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.

Levy payers/exporters
Non-levy payers/exporters
Find out more

This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.