Variety snapshots - wine grape types

About the report

Variety Snapshots are one-page profiles of individual Australian winegrape varieties and provide at-a-glance summary statistics on: viticulture data, winegrape production, winegrape price, key producing regions and export sales data compared against the same statistics for all wine grape varieties.

Report summary

The reports provide:

  • current planted area for the variety across Australia
  • crush for the variety from the most recent vintage across Australia
  • share of grape production in the most recent vintage for the top five regions by volume producing the variety
  • total exports and bottled label claim exports for the last 12 months (for wine with single variety claims and for blends where the variety is the first named on the label and therefore the major component)
  • top five export destinations for bottled label claim exports and top five label claims with the variety name on the label

There are graphs showing total vineyard area over the past 15 years, share of crush by region and total export volume for the variety in each of the past 14 years, giving a historical perspective on the data. Each figure for the variety is compared against the equivalent statistic for the whole of Australia, enabling the variety data to be benchmarked against the national data for all varieties.

Individual reports are provided below for the top red and white winegrape varieties (wine types) known to be grown in Australia. Reports can be prepared for other varieties on request.

Red White

The reports are updated annually.

Also see the Regional Snapshots – a similar report outlining at-a-glance statistics for each winegrape growing GI region in Australia.


The Variety Snapshots draw on information from a number of sources including:

  • the Australian Wine Sector Survey (Wine Australia)
  • Wine Export Approvals Database (Wine Australia)
  • ABS vineyard data (report 1329.0)

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