Photo: Andre Castellucci / Wine Australia
Photo: Andre Castellucci / Wine Australia

Wine Australia is committed to the development of the next generation of researchers, experts and leaders who will help to drive the Australian grape and wine community's future.

Wine Australia offers a PhD and Masters by Research scholarship program to help attract postgraduate students to the fields of wine, viticulture and wine business research.

Our scholarship recipients are placed across a diverse range of disciplines and across projects that will help support a prosperous grape and wine community.

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Current recipients

Name Research Organisation Project title
Alexander Copper University of Adelaide Assessing the suitability of indigenous Cypriot grape varieties for Australia’s challenging and changing climate.
Billy Xynas University of Melbourne Wine production in a changing Australian climate: water addition to musts and the effects on phenolic, chemical and sensory attributes
Chethana Gowder Shekharappa University of Adelaide The role of Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and Gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) in cell death in grape berry development
Christopher Caboche University of Queensland Analysis of the wine glycoproteome and proteome to improve quality and track provenance
Claire Armstrong University of Adelaide Understanding and managing grape berry heterogeneity in the vineyard to improve Cabernet Sauvignon wine quality
Daniel Whipp James Cook University A low power flexible sensor network system for viticulture
Di Liu University of Melbourne Microbial terroir: understanding the importance of the soil-borne microbial community to Australian terroir
Gail Gnoinski University of Tasmania Novel approaches to autolysis manipulation and improving efficiencies in sparking wine production
Guy Leedon Australian National University Locating terroir: understanding businesses’ identification with their local environment, place and community, and how this influences wine purchasing decisions and corporate sustainability
Harriet Walker University of Tasmania Improving grapevine yield and wine quality through optimised vine nutrition and pruning
Hugh Holds University of Adelaide From brandewijn (burnt wine) to bush fires: new directions in Australian Brandy production
Jennifer Niem Charles Sturt University Characterisation of the microbiome associated with grapevines and evaluation of endophytic microorganisms as biological control agents of grapevine trunk disease pathogens
Jingyun Ouyang University of Adelaide Developing digital tools for canopy management
Joseph Marks (Dr Tony Jordan OAM Award recipient) University of Adelaide Sustaining viticulture: How under-vine (sp. Vitis vinifera) cover crops affect arbuscular mycorrhizal associations, soil organic carbon composition and soil carbon stocks
Julie Tang University of New South Wales Autonomous in-vivo determination of maturity parameters
Kamalpreet Kaur La Trobe University The molecular epidemiology and control of grapevine pinot gris virus in Australian viticulture
Lira Souza Gonzaga University of Adelaide Characterising the distinctive flavours of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon wines
Lisa Hartmann University of Adelaide Bioprospecting the regional genetic diversity of Australian wine microbiota
Louise Bartle University of Adelaide Identification and understanding of Saccharomyces and Oenococcus interactions in co-inoculated cultures for development of robust inoculation pairs in wine fermentation.
Merek Kesser University of Adelaide A regional study of the effects of vineyard floor management on soil health, biodiversity and terroir expression
Naomi Verdonk University of Adelaide Understanding Australian wine consumers’ preferences for sparkling wine
Natalja Ivanova University of Adelaide Understanding the sensory perception of ‘body’ in beer and wine
Pastor Jullian Fabres University of Adelaide Decoding the unique terroir of Australian wines using a multi-omics approach
Patrick O'Brien University of Adelaide Developing and assessing different cordon establishment techniques for long term vineyard management
Pierluigi Reveglia Charles Sturt University Isolation and characterisation of phytotoxins produced by the Botryosphaeriaceae and their role in grapevine trunk diseases
Pietro Previtali University of Adelaide Breaking the sugar flavour nexus: producing grapes with less sugar and more flavour.
Pippa French University of Tasmania Science to inform decision making between synthetic and alternative nitrogen sources in vineyards
Qi Wu University of Adelaide The molecular diversity of viruses infecting Australian grapevines
Ross Sanders CSIRO Rootstock effects on grape rachis (bunch-stem) composition and the implications for red wine flavour and aroma
Ruchira Ranaweera University of Adelaide Chemical markers for authentication of Australian wine
Shaoyang Wang University of Queensland A systematic approach to understanding wine texture and mouthfeel
Spencer Petticrew Flinders University Exploration of macromolecular complexes in wine using the Vortex Fluidic Device
Tom Lang University of Adelaide Yeast strain construstion using CRISPR/Cas9 mediated genome editing
Wenyu Kang University of Adelaide Alternative technology to modify and measure wine astringency, taste and quality
Xiaoyi Wang University of Adelaide Molecular genetic control of grapevine bud fruitfulness
Xingchen Wang University of Adelaide Identification of new precursors and factors affecting varietal thiols and their precursors in grapes and wines
Xinxin Song University of Tasmania Towards differential management to supply more fruit at desired price point
Xinyi Zhang Charles Sturt University Impacts of viticultural conditions and juice composition on the oxidative and reductive development of wine.
Yihe Sui The University of Adelaide Use of membrane filtration technology to achieve protein stability in white wine

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