Import certificates

Some country authorities or importers require additional certification. Refer to the Export Market Guide for country specific information.

Wine Australia can authorise certificates of free sale, certificates of origin and VI1 certificates, stamped and signed on Australian Government letterhead. Allow 24 hours for processing. Fees are charged.

Exporters can apply for Certificates by completing the templates provided and emailing to the Export Assistance team for signing and stamping.

All forms and templates can be found here

China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA)

Wine Australia has been recognised as an Authorised Body under the recently signed China-Australia Free Trade Agreement to issue Certificates of Origin (CoO) for exports of wine and wine products. Upon entry into force of the Agreement only wine consignments accompanied by a ChAFTA CoO will be able to claim the tariff reductions which will take effect immediately. Templates of the approved Wine Australia ChAFTA CoO are downloadable from the ‘Templates’ tab (above) in editable PDF format. We have also provided detailed instructions specific to wine exporters for completing this template. It is essential that exporters familiarise themselves with these instructions before submitting a CoO to Wine Australia for authorisation.

ChAFTA Certificate of Origin Example How to apply for a CHINA Certificate of Free Sale Import certificates: How to search, view, amend and request a reprint
ChAFTA Certificate of Origin Instructions 如何申请China自由销售证明​ 进口许可证:如何查找、查看、更改和申请重印
How to apply for a ChAFTA Certificate of Origin    

Refer to DFAT's ChAFTA frequently asked questions for further advice.

Certificates of Origin

Wine Australia is able to authenticate Certificates of Australian Origin for consignments that have been granted an Export Permit Number. Certificates of Origin for Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore need to be obtained through Australian Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

To complete a Certificate of Origin, exporters must fill in each section of the form. Both pages of the document must be printed, with the Rules of Origin on the reverse. A completed copy should be forwarded to Wine Australia for authorisation. To ensure document quality is not diminished, Wine Australia will now accept unsigned copies for authentication. Documents submitted by email must be submitted by an authorised signatory of the company.

Certificates of Origin must always be typed, not handwritten. Faxed copies will not be accepted. Further information on how to complete a Certificate of Origin is provided in the example below.

Certificate of Origin Example

VI1 Certificate for the EU

Only wine accompanied by an official EU VI1 certificate will be cleared by the authorities at its destination. Exporters must provide a VI1 Certificate of Analysis for each product destined for the EU. The analysis can be obtained from any NATA-accredited laboratory. VI1 Certificates are issued to exporters after an Export Permit has been granted. Exemptions apply for consignments less than 100 litres, for display at trade fairs (samples marked “Sample Only – Not for Re-Sale”), for consular establishments and ship stores.

Organic Certificate

Grape products that claim to be 'organic', 'biodynamic', 'biological' or 'ecological' must comply with the provisions of the Export Control (Organic Certification) Orders issued under the Export Control Act, 1982. These orders make it illegal to export organic produce without a certificate issued by an accredited organisation that verifies the nature of the product.

Any reference to ‘organic’, 'biodynamic' or similar on a label is taken to be an organic claim. Wines labelled with an ‘organic’ claim must be certified by a certifying organisation approved by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. The exporter must provide a copy of the Organic Produce Certificate for each shipment of an organic wine in order to receive an export permit number.

Online Import certificates

What can you do?

The online import certificates system allows you to request import certificates for the CHINA market only. You can use your online Wine Export Approval (WEA) system to access it. For more information about how to use this system send an email to and request a user guide.

You can request these import certificates.

  • ChAFTA - Final Destination, China PR
  • Certificate of Free Sale - Final Destination, Hong Kong or China PR

You can Add new requests, View or Edit existing requests and request reprints.

For each certificate request you can:

  • Add special instructions about collection arrangements or postage requests
  • Request a scanned copy to be emailed to you
  • Provide an alternate mailing address

What can't you do?

The online certificates system will not allow you to:

  • Request certificates for a market other than China.
  • Request certificates that split shipping items into multiple product lines on a certificate.
  • Request certificates for China that require shipping items to be consolidated as a single product line on the certificate.
  • Request Certificates for Products only. All certificates must be for an Export Permit Number.

For all these, you must continue to complete the templates provided and email to

You can't cross over:

  • If the certificate was first set up by Export Assistance, then updates need to be done by updating the certificate template and emailing it to
  • If the certificate is first requested online, then updates need to be done online and a Reprint requested.

Import Certificates - User Guide For Exporters

Online import certificate



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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.

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