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Grenache: Rediscovering an Australian classic in Barossa and McLaren Vale

16 September 2021: 11.00am
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Join us for an opportunity to (re)discover one of Australia’s most iconic grapes from two world-class regions: Barossa and McLaren Vale.

Grenache was one of the first grapes to be introduced in Australia, and Barossa and McLaren Vale were amongst the first sites planted, with many still productive vines dating back to 1850. Originally, Grenache’s role was a workhouse grape, used in blends mainly for fortified wines. But with time, it has come to be recognised as a hugely characterful and highly prized grape in its own right.

Discover the nuanced and varied expressions of this historic grape with a show-stopping comparison of these two ancestral Grenache regions side by side, hosted by Sarah Ahmed and Mark Pygott MW.

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If you are unable to attend, the discussion will be available to view on our Australian Wine CONNECT platform. It’s free to register and will allow you to catch up on all of our most recent tastings post event, as well as live thought leadership sessions, tastings and variety and regional explorations to showcase the people, places and processes that make Australian wine unique.