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June 2021 - October 2021
01 Sep - 31 Oct 2021 United Kingdom $1900 AUD
01 Sep - 31 Oct 2021
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United Kingdom
$1900 AUD

For new representation in Canada and the UK, we launched the Explore program as an additional service for wineries that sign up to Australian Wine Connect.


  • Canada: June 2021 – July 2021 - now closed
  • UK: September 2021 – October 2021

Explore Canada - Registrations closed on 7th May, 2021. 

Explore Canada included a series of briefings to help participating wineries get ‘export ready’ with tools, guidance and a better understanding of how to do business in the key Canadian markets. In addition to briefings from the top three liquor boards (the LCBO, SAQ and BCLDB), wineries received insights from in-market agents/importers, on premise trade and private retailers. Following the briefings,

Wine Australia promoted Explore Canada to agents and importers in Canada through dedicated emails, encouraging them to browse and make connections with participating wineries on CONNECT.

Explore UK 

For more information and costs, please see the Join the Explore UK page.

Program benefits

Market Briefings
Led by Wine Australia in-market teams
Category Briefings
From monopoly buyers / key retail buyers
Comprehensive range of statistics, data, analysis and insights.
Targeted marketing
To agents / importers


If you have questions about either program, please reach out to us through connect@wineaustralia.com, or refer to the FAQs on the different program options.

Explore Canada / Explore UK vs US Market Entry Program

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Explore Canada / Explore UK?

For wineries seeking distribution in Canada and the UK, we will be launching the Explore program as an additional service for wineries that sign up to Australian Wine Connect. Wineries will be able to participate in one or both markets, at a cost of $1,900 AUD per market, for market readiness briefings, insights and targeted marketing to key customers (importers and agents). Wineries should make note of the Wine Export Grant for assistance with the cost of the participating in the Explore program.

2. How do I sign up for Explore Canada / Explore UK?

Registration for Explore Canada opened on 22 March 2021 on the Wine Australia website, and closes on 7 May 2021.

Registration for Explore UK will open on 15 June 2021, but if you’re interested in participating, please complete an EOI on the Explore page on the website.

3. What is the US Market Entry Program?

The US Market Entry Program is a results-oriented program designed to inform and educate wineries about the realities of the market (compliance, marketing, pricing, sales, PR, logistics etc.) as well as provide clients with tools, guidance and curated customer meetings. The program will help Australian wineries to develop partnerships with like-minded customers that best meet your unique goals and objectives. Program members will receive market knowledge and strategic guidance in dealing with importers, distributors, key customers and media.

4. How do I sign up for the US Market Entry Program?

Registration for the US Market Entry Program in FY22 will open on 22 March 2021 on the Wine Australia website. The program will kick off in July 2021 for the new group of participating wineries and it will run until June 2022.

5. What markets will be covered by the Explore program?

We are focusing this program on Canada and the UK for now – more markets may be added later. You can choose to participate in one or both markets, and there will be a cost associated with each.

6. Is there an Explore program for the US market?

No. The opportunity in the US is the Market Entry program, which has generated great results and will be expanded to meet demand.

7. Can I participate in Explore Canada / Explore UK without signing up for Australian Wine Connect?

No. The Explore program will be marketing your brand to agents and importers through our virtual Australian Wine Connect platform. We will be driving agents and importers to your virtual expo space to learn more about your brand, wines and set up appointments.

8. Can I participate in the US Market Entry Program without signing up for Australian Wine Connect?

Yes, participation in the US Market Entry program does not require that you also sign up for a virtual expo space in Australian Wine Connect, although we would recommend participating in both if budget allows.

9. Will the Explore program include samples shipping and coordination?

No. This program offers you insights and market knowledge to be business ready and will promote your brand to interested agents and importers, who will then reach out to set up appointments through Australian Wine Connect. If they would like to receive samples, we can provide guidance on the process but the costs and logistics for shipping samples are not included in the program fee.

10. What are the benefits of Explore Canada / Explore UK if agents or importers can find our brand through Australian Wine Connect?

The Explore program will prepare you to be business ready in that specific market, with briefings on how to go to market, pricing strategy, category performance and opportunities so that you can tailor your message for appointments with customers. It will also offer targeted marketing to our extensive network of agents and importers, encouraging them to browse the brands in the program and book appointments to learn more.

11. When will Explore Canada and Explore UK run, and for how long?

Registrations are due by 7 May 2021 for Explore Canada, and the program will run for 2 months, June 2021 – July 2021. Market briefings will be held in June 2021. Explore UK will run from September 2021 – October 2021, with registrations opening in June 2021 and market briefings in September 2021.

12. Who can I contact at Wine Australia about either of these programs?

For questions about the USA Market Entry Program, please contact damon.musha@wineaustralia.com
For questions about Explore Canada, please contact annie.dingwall@wineaustralia.com
For questions about Explore UK, please contact laura.jewell@wineaustralia.com.

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