LCBO Flex Space Program

Ontario, Canada.
03 Jan - 31 Mar 2021 Ontario, Canada.
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03 Jan - 31 Mar 2021
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Ontario, Canada.
Event finished

Wine Australia will be supporting a new program with the LCBO in Ontario, Canada, from January – March 2021.

The ‘Flex Space Program’ allows for additional merchandising and display opportunities within the Australia section throughout 59 key LCBO stores across Ontario. This initiative will work to enhance the customer experience in-section while giving the selected SKUs additional facings and shelf space for more exposure to shoppers. This program will be fully funded by participating wineries/brands and is open to all current LCBO Wines and Vintages Essentials SKUs. Wines will be selected by the LCBO Buying team with the assistance of Wine Australia. Please note that SKUs with existing offers/LTOs will be prioritised. SKUs are welcome to apply for multiple periods and will be notified of selections after expressions of interest close. Wine Australia will support this program by funding, staffing and organising an in-store tasting program to drive additional traffic toward the selected SKUs.

Cost and registration

  • Stakeholders to submit their expression of interest by 28 August 2020
  • Registration by 28 August via Smartsheet forms sent to importers on 19 August 2020 or via contact to
  • Confirmation will be emailed out by Wine Australia
  • An invoice will be sent to agents or wineries (depending on what was specified on your registration form)
  • Cost: $1065 CAD per SKU per period, billed from Wine Australia.

Expressions of interest for this event will open the week of 19 August 2020 and will close on 28 August 2020. The event was promoted to Australian wine businesses via direct email from the Canada team. For more information please contact

Participation criteria

Wineries must have representation in Ontario. SKUs must be currently listed LCBO Wines or Vintages Essentials SKUs.

8 SKUs
Per promotional period, for 3 periods.
Additional shelf-spacing, enhanced exposure to customers in-store.
Eye-catching POS and signage


For more information about or to register your interest in the program, contact Annie Dingwall on

03 Jan - 31 Mar 2021
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Ontario, Canada.