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Rutherglen Muscat: Australia’s liquid gold

Webinar: Thursday 10 December 10:00 - 11:00 (GMT)
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10 Dec 2020
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Carefully crafted from over 100 years of rare stocks, family secrets and skills, Rutherglen’s fortified wines are intrinsically Australian and unique in the world of wine.

Rutherglen is a historic region where fortified wine is liquid gold and tradition has endured. The artistry of crafting Rutherglen Muscat is multi-generational. Many of Rutherglen’s great Muscat pioneers began back in the mid-19th century during the gold rush era. Some of them are still in operation today with the family-owned wineries managed by fourth, fifth, sixth and even seventh generation descendants.

Rutherglen’s fortified wines are made from Muscat and to make great Muscat, the grapes must be very ripe. The region’s warm, sunny climate is perfectly suited to the task. The wine is aged in barrels for at least five years – some are aged for up to a century. Rutherglen Muscat is renowned for its intensity, complexity and rich raisin and chocolate flavours.

Come on a journey of discovery with some of Australia’s best Muscat producers – Jane Campbell, Stephen Chambers, Wendy Killeen, and Jen Pfeiffer. These master blenders take you through the classifications of Rutherglen Muscat (Rutherglen Muscat, Classic Rutherglen Muscat, Grand Rutherglen Muscat, and Rare Rutherglen Muscat) and discuss the wineries’ varied house styles. From the young, fresh and fruity, to the rich, complex rare gems, this is your chance to explore the quality and diversity of Rutherglen Muscat.

During the webinar Jane, Stephen, Wendy and Jen present wines from Campbells Wines, Chambers Rosewood Winery, Stanton & Killeen Wines, Pfeiffer Wines and Morris Wines, whilst Sarah Ahmed leads the conversation and fields questions.



Jane Campbell

Managing Director, Campbells Wines

Jane is a proud fifth generation member of her family business, Campbells Wines in Rutherglen, which was established in 1870 by Scotsman John Campbell. Daughter of the late Colin Campbell, Jane is now managing director and works with her sister Julie as winemaker, to continue their father’s philosophy of capturing the full flavours of Rutherglen to create wines of complexity and elegance. Jane oversees the whole estate operation as well as being brand custodian. Her passion is working closely with her team to ensure innovative practices, outstanding wines and a compelling and authentic winery experience. A firm focus for Jane currently is the family vineyards where organic mulch and a reduced spray routine have now become part of their vineyard practice. She has also instigated an ambitious program to further expand the winery experience for visitors by providing tasting experiences in the heart of the cellars and an expanded parkland overlooking the vineyards.

Stephen Chambers

Winemaker, Chambers Rosewood Winery

As part of a six generational wine business, Stephen started to help out at Chambers Rosewood Winery from an early age and throughout his schooling, whether it was in the cellar door, winery, vineyard or the farm. After studying Oenology at Adelaide University, he spent some time in the Barossa Valley, Bordeaux and Western Australia’s Great Southern, gaining experience. Returning to Rutherglen in 2000, Stephen set about to maintain the high quality fortified wines being produced, as well as improving the consistency of the table wine offerings.

Wendy Killeen

Chief Executive Officer, Stanton & Killeen Wines

In her mid 50’s, Wendy Killeen has never been busier, overseeing the Stanton & Killeen wine operation and 330-hectare farm. Returning to the family business in 2011 was essential for the health and longevity of the decade’s old family winery, spanning across two centuries. Managing all aspects of the wine business, Wendy’s skills in marketing, public relations and sales have elevated the winery’s profile and increased profitability. Wendy travels extensively worldwide supporting the growing export market. Wendy and her daughter, Natasha, are the first females over seven generations, managing Stanton & Killeen Wines.  

Jen Pfeiffer

Winemaker, Pfeiffer Wines

Jen Pfeiffer is the winemaker at her family winery, Pfeiffer Wines Rutherglen, as well as her own brand, Jen Pfeiffer Rock It Like A Redhead. At aged 30 Jen was awarded the Wine Society’s Australasian Young Winemaker of the Year Sommelier’s Choice Award. She has worked vintages in both France and Portugal, and has also amassed an incredible 1000 medals and 50+ trophies for her wines in the past two decades. Jen is heavily involved in the Australian Wine Show circuit in a judging capacity and has been Chair of Judges at the Daylesford Wine Show, the Geelong Wine Show and the Swan Hill Wine Show. Jen is passionate about fortified wines and aspires to become recognised as one of Australia’s pre-eminent fortified winemakers. 

Sarah Ahmed

Wine Writer and Educator

Sarah Ahmed is a UK-based wine writer, blogger, educator and judge, specialising in the wines of Australia and Portugal. As well as publishing her own blog, The Wine Detective, she also writes for numerous publications and has contributed to many leading wine reference books. Sarah started her wine career with wine merchant Oddbins in 2000, managing their flagship Fine Wine Store in London between 2003 and 2005, before striking out on her own with writing and in education. Sarah was awarded ‘Honorary Australian Woman in Wine’ at the Australian Women in Wine Awards 2017.



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