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TEXSOM Conference

27-29 August 2023
27 - 29 Aug 2023 Dallas,TX
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27 - 29 Aug 2023
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Event finished

The TEXSOM Conference, which will be held at the Irving Convention Centre in Dallas from August 27 – 29, 2023, is Wine Australia’s key education sponsorship annually in the US.

For this year’s conference, we have secured a larger presence at two of the Expo Trade Tasting sessions, on Sunday and Monday evening, to showcase 24 wines in a clearly branded ‘Australia’ section. This is a great opportunity to get wines in front of this very influential audience of sommeliers and key industry experts, and allows us to put our best foot forward as Team Australia.

South Australia’s Department for Trade and Investment, Wine Victoria and Wines of Western Australia are partnering with us on this opportunity and will each fund 50% of the participation costs for wineries interested in showing their wines in the Australia section.

The cost per SKU is $250 USD (or $125 USD after applicable state support) and will require 3 bottles of wine. This opportunity is only open to brands already in the US market, with distribution in Texas. Wines will need to be delivered by a Texas distributor, so please confirm inventory and vintages available with your Texas distributor before completing the submission form.

If you’re interested in having a wine featured on our tables, please complete the below form by Wednesday March 15. Wineries should check with their importers on whether they plan to exhibit at the conference also and collaborate on what wines should be shown in the Australian section. If any winemakers plan to visit the US in late August and attend TEXSOM, please keep us posted on those details also.

Expression of interest in this event has closed.

Submissions do not guarantee inclusion, with final decisions based on offering a broad range of varieties, regions and price points. The number of tables we secure is dependent on demand, and subject to change.

We look forward to profiling an exciting and diverse selection of regionally expressive Australian wines at this year’s conference, and continuing to build positive messaging around premium Australian wine with this audience.


For questions, please contact Mark Davidson,

27 - 29 Aug 2023
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