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Canada – one of the world’s most attractive wine markets

Canada ranks just outside the world’s top 10 wine markets by consumption, with an annual still wine consumption of around 470 million litres. While the dominant source of wine in the country is Canadian, imported wine accounts for 70 per cent of wine consumption.  Wine Intelligence ranked Canada as the world’s third most attractive wine market in 2017, based on a range of economic and wine market indicators.

Canada is Australia’s fourth largest export market by value, while Australia is the fifth ranked country of origin in the market behind wines from Canada, Italy, the United States and France.  Canada is a particularly strong market for Australia’s premium white wines; it is our number one market for white wines over $C12 per bottle retail.

Wine sales in Canada are generally controlled by provincial liquor boards, which by law must act as the first importer of alcoholic beverages. The exceptions are Alberta, which only has privately owned liquor stores, and British Columbia, which has a mixture of both. Most of Canadian wine sales are concentrated in the off-trade, due to a cultural preference for entertaining at home or meeting for drinks before going out.

The four biggest provinces for wine sales are, in order, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.  The majority of Australian wine sales are in Quebec and Ontario, accounting for 68 per cent of total Australian wine sales in Canada in 2017.

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Canada Wine Sales Report

Latest update: 05 Feb 2018

This report summarises wine sales in Canada by volume, country of origin, province, and variety - including separate figures for Australia compared with the market as a whole.

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British Columbia (Canada) Wine Sales Report

Latest update: 24 Feb 2017

This two-page summary report provides information on wine sales in the British Columbia province of Canada by price point, country of origin and distribution channel as well as by wine style.  It compares Australia’s performance in the market with the market as a whole.

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