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Cool-climate classic white

Sauvignon Blanc has been an incredible success story in Australia, more than doubling in area in ten years from 2001 to 2010, and rising to be the second largest white winegrape variety after Chardonnay in 2014.

It is grown across Australia from the warmest ‘river’ regions, to the cool climates of the Adelaide Hills and Tasmania, as well as thriving in the maritime climate of Margaret River where it is often found in blends with Semillon.

Sauvignon Blanc accounts for one in every 8 bottles of wine purchased on the Australian domestic off-trade retail market, but most of it is from New Zealand.

Sauvignon Blanc Variety Snapshot 2021-22

Variety snapshots are one-page profiles of individual Australian winegrape varieties and provide at-a-glance summary statistics on: viticulture data, winegrape production, winegrape price, key producing regions and export sales data compared against the same statistics for all wine grape varieties.

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In the vineyard

  • Sauvignon Blanc is a relatively early ripening variety that does well in cool but sunny regions
  • Can tend toward excess production of foliage so canopy management is critical

Sauvignon Blanc does best in cool but sunny regions – areas influenced by the cooling effects of ocean breezes or elevation


Typically light-bodied with fresh vibrant and distinctive flavours. Oaked and unoaked versions depending on the desired style


Ranges from easy drinking and affordable through to medium priced, premium wines

Total plantings (2020)
First plantings

In the winery

Vinification techniques
  • Stainless steel temperature control fermentations are common
  • Blended with Semillon in some regions – notably Margaret River
  • Barrel fermented and/or aged styles tend to be richer and more full-bodied
  • The vast majority of Sauvignon Blanc is bottled shortly after fermentation
  • Some styles see a few months of maturation in oak

Major regional expressions

Adelaide Hills

  • This region has established itself as the benchmark for Sauvignon Blanc in Australia
  • Vibrant, aromatic and fresh with complexity and texture in the best examples
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Margaret River

  • Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc is typically blended with Semillon
  • Ranges from light, crisp and lemony and herbal through to fuller flavoured and more tropical with some barrel fermentation and or ageing
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In the glass

Style and character

Light to medium bodied wines with vibrant aromatic fruit and juicy acidity.

Pairs with

Shellfish, fresh oysters, white fish dishes, chicken, pork, goat’s cheese, salads.

Typical flavours

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.