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The USA is the world’s largest wine market and the largest wine importer (by value). The still wine market is around 320 million cases per annum and is forecast to grow to 337 million cases by 2021.

The world’s largest and most attractive wine market

The USA is the world’s largest wine market and the largest wine importer (by value). The still wine market is around 320 million cases per annum and is forecast to grow to 337 million cases by 2021. Adult per capita consumption of wine is currently 11.1 litres per head, which is less than half the Australian average and 21st in the world. Wine Intelligence nominated the USA as the world’s most attractive wine market for the second year in a row in 2017 based on its growth in volume and value and positive economic indicators.

The seven biggest wine-consuming states are California, Florida, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts. They account for over half of all US wine consumption.

In 2016 the USA imported over 1.1 billion litres of wine valued at more than $US 5.5 billion.

Australia is the third largest source of wine imports into the US by volume and fourth largest by value, while the USA is Australia’s second largest export market, accounting for approximately 20 per cent of exported wine value in 2016-17.

Off-premise is the largest channel in terms of volume with an 84 per cent share of the market. The top selling varieties are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Gris.

By value, the off-premise and on-premise channels are roughly equal, but the off-premise is growing faster than the on-premise. Casual dining outlets are driving openings while neighbourhood bars are in decline. The drinking segment is supported by increases in sports and premium bars. Australia is ranked third in the off-trade with 4 per cent of the market, and seventh in the on-trade with 2 per cent of the market. Longitudinal research conducted by Wine Intelligence shows Australian wine is viewed as value for money but not as expensive/fine wine among US consumers.

With the AUD expected to remain low, improved perceptions of Australian wine among trade and consumers and a marketing effort boosted by the $50 million federal government support package, Australian wine exports have the potential to achieve solid growth over the next five years.

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