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Enhanced winemaking outcomes and wine style diversification through provision of fit-for-purpose yeast starter cultures



Develop non-GM yeast strains for commercial release, with one or more of the following properties;

  • positive contribution to red wine flavour
  • enhance floral/rose aromas 
  • more stable fermentation performance
  • avoid the generation of faults
  • optimal flocculation behaviour


It is already common practice for winemakers to choose particular yeast to achieve desired wine styles; this is evident through the growing number of yeast strains used across the Australian wine industry every year. Availability of new yeast that impart divergent flavour profiles or that accentuate specific varietal characters provides winemakers with even greater stylistic flexibility.

Research approach

The plan utilises classical breeding and hybridization guided by genomics and phenomics to generate new strains and improve our knowledge of existing commercially available strains. The utility of the new strains will be evaluated by laboratory and pilot scale fermentations and sector trials together with chemical and sensory evaluation of experimental wines.

Sector benefits

The knowledge and the new strains generated by this project will give winemakers increased ability to use different yeast to optimise the flavours that will differentiate their wines, without compromising production efficiency.