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Australia Decanted 2019

The most comprehensive exploration of Australian wine ever held in the USA

06 - 10 Oct 2019 Edgewood Tahoe, Lake Tahoe Watch replay
06 - 10 Oct 2019
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Edgewood Tahoe, Lake Tahoe

In its second year, Australia Decanted will deliver an immersive, targeted wine education program to 100 wine trade and media from across the USA.

Australia Decanted was carefully curated, and by invitation only.

The four-day event, features seminars, tastings and breakout sessions is the finale to the largest wine promotion ever held in the USA.

Sixteen winemakers from regions across Australia team up with an all-star panel of USA wine industry leaders to present an exciting range of topics designed to showcase the people and stories that make Australian wine unique. Offered alongside a culinary program curated by James Viles of Biota Dining, guests will receive an in-depth exploration of how Australian wine, food and culture intersect.

With the support of the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package, Australia Decanted aims to challenge and change perception, drive desire and increase demand for Australian wine among key influencers and encourage stronger engagement with the USA wine community.

Download our frequently asked questions about Australia Decanted Australia-Decanted-2019_Stakeholder-QA

Supplier Meat and Greet

US Importers are invited to attend a unique networking opportunity at Decanted. Meat & Greet will provide the importer community with a rare opportunity to connect and build relationships with attendees in an informal setting. 

Location: West Shore Café and Inn, 5160 W Lake Blvd, Homewood, CA
Date: October 7, 2019 | 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Meat & Greet saw visiting Australian Chef, James Viles, bring his Bertha’s Meats concept to the lawns of West Shore Café.

Importers had the opportunity to share two wines at Meat & Greet:

  1. Attendees had the options of sample pours or full glasses of exciting sparkling, whites, rosés and light reds at the Far From Ordinary bar. Importers can nominate one Australian wine to place at this bar.
  2. Food-friendly flagship wines that continue the Australia Decanted theming will be available for guests alongside the dinner. Importers can nominate one wine to pour at the barbecue.

Please review the attached Q and A document 


Special guest winemakers include:

Ed Carr – House of Arras

Prue Henschke – Henschke

Vanya Cullen – Cullen Wines

Stephen Henschke – Henschke

Michael Dhillon – Bindi Wines

Tim Kirk – Clonakilla

Nick Farr – Wines By Farr

Tim Lovett – Leeuwin Estate

Jane Ferrari –Yalumba

Timo Mayer – Timo Mayer Wines

Kate Goodman – Penley Estate

Sam Middleton – Mount Mary

Brad Hickey – Brash Higgins

Taras Ochota – Ochota Barrels

Dean Hewitson - Hewitson

Corrina Wright – Oliver’s Taranga



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Frequently asked questions

Australia Decanted FAQ's

What is Australia Decanted?

Australia Decanted is an immersive, targeted wine education program held in Lake Tahoe, USA. The four-day event, featuring seminars, tastings and breakout sessions will be the finale to a month of activities held throughout the country to celebrate Aussie Wine Month 2019.

Why isn’t the event hosted in Australia?

The distance to Australia makes it difficult to bring a large group of influential USA trade and media to experience Australia’s wine culture. While we invite many influencers to Australia as part of our visits program, primary attendee targets for Australia Decanted are those who haven’t attended a visit previously, due to distance and time constraints. The program allows for a stronger relationship with the USA wine community. Attendance is not open to those who attended Australia Decanted previously.

How has the program been developed?

All Wine Australia marketing campaigns are based on market insights, consumer trends and sector feedback. Wine Australia has also reviewed other immersive events in the USA and has worked with a steering committee of USA experts and influencers to develop the program.

What has been planned for the attendees?

Wine Australia has developed an immersive program that will enhance the perception and engage high-profile trade and media from across the USA. The Australia Decanted program will assemble a line-up of speakers, panels, seminars, tastings and leisure activities that collectively deliver Wine Australia’s key messages, challenge and change perceptions of Australian wine amongst the USA wine community.

What is the focus of the wine program?

The major focus of Australia Decanted is to enhance the perception of Australian wine by showcasing the people, places and processes that make Australian wine unique. The program has been designed to highlight the opportunities for Australian wine in the USA market and amongst the USA wine community.

Who is invited to the event?

Wine Australia has identified 100 top-tier wine and trade opinion leaders from across the USA, including wine directors, national retail/grocery buyers, national on-premise buyers, selected educators (Master Sommelier/Master of Wine in particular, including some who manage education for national distributors) as well as print and online media.

Which winemakers are attending?

The individual winemakers chosen were evaluated according to strict and comprehensive criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Identified as a highly credible spokesperson on a particular variety, region or style that aligns with the messaging and strategy in the USA
  • Strongly identifies with Australian wine and winemaking

The 2019 program aims to bring together a diverse collection of winemakers, representing many facets of the wine sector, from large scale production to small batch winemaking, and incorporating all styles from traditional to the unconventional.

The winemakers involved in the 2019 program are:

  • Ed Carr – House of Arras
  • Vanya Cullen – Cullen Wines
  • Michael Dhillon – Bindi Wines
  • Dean Hewitson - Hewitson
  • Nick Farr – Wines By Farr
  • Jane Ferrari –Yalumba
  • Kate Goodman – Penley Estate
  • Prue Henschke – Henschke
  • Stephen Henschke – Henschke
  • Brad Hickey – Brash Higgins
  • Tim Kirk – Clonakilla
  • Tim Lovett – Leeuwin Estate
  • Timo Mayer – Timo Mayer Wines
  • Sam Middleton – Mount Mary
  • Taras Ochota – Ochota Barrels
  • Corrina Wright – Oliver’s Taranga
What regions will be represented at Australia Decanted?

Wine Australia will ensure that a vast range of regions from across Australia are represented during the program, and that regionality sits as an overarching message for the four days.

How are the wines selected for inclusion in the program?

The panel of wine experts from the USA and Wine Australia are selecting the wineries, winemakers and wines featured across the program.

Is there an opportunity to submit wine?

There will be an opportunity for wineries with in-market representation to present their portfolio of Australian wines at a supplier meat and greet attended by all the Decanted guests. Wines exhibited must have a USA importer and be legally available for sale. Information on how to participate will be available soon.

Can I pay to have my wine featured in Australia Decanted?

There is no opportunity to pay for your wines to be featured in Australia Decanted. The panel of wine experts are recommending the wines that will be featured and Wine Australia is working with the nominated winemakers and wineries to develop the program.

How is Australia Decanted being funded?

Australia Decanted is supported by the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package.