Export and Regional Wine Support Package
Export and Regional Wine Support Package

The Australian Government's Export and Regional Wine Support Package is an exciting, one-off allocation of $50 million over four years and is focused on wine promotion internationally and domestically and wine tourism. Initiatives will benefit regional wine producers, their communities and assist export-focused businesses to continue to grow.

The Australian Government has approved the Business Plan developed in Stage 1 of the Package. Planning and activities to deliver the Business Plan are now underway.

The Business Plan sees investment across four interrelated programs.

Program 1: Accelerating growth in international demand

This program will invest $32.5 million to accelerate growth in international demand through dedicated, multi-year marketing campaigns in China and the United States.

Wine Australia has established a Marketing Advisory Group to help guide the strategy and execution of program 1. This group pulls together the expertise of some of Australia’s most senior and experienced wine marketers to act as a sounding board in the delivery of the campaigns.

Program 2: Creating China-ready businesses

This program will invest $3 million to create China-ready businesses by building capability and capacity of grape and wine businesses to capture export and tourism opportunities. This includes a $1 million Wine Export Grant Program that offers grants to small and medium wine exporters for specific export promotion activities aimed at increasing wine exports to China. Applicants will be eligible for grants of up to $50,000 under this program.

Program 3: Capturing growth in wine regions

This program will invest $10 million to capture growth in wine regions by offering state-based and competitive grants to develop exciting wine tourism experiences. The $5 million Capturing Growth in Wine Regions State Grants provides wine industry associations access to funding, to support a collaborative, strategic approach towards attracting and maximising international wine tourism. Separately, the $5 million Capturing Growth in Wine Regions Competitive Grants provides a range of stakeholders across Australia with the opportunity to apply for funding, on a competitive basis, towards initiatives that will grow international tourism in wine regions.

Program 4: Transforming cider businesses

This program will invest $0.5 million in transforming cider businesses by building knowledge of potential export markets and developing improved understanding for accessing these markets.

Program governance

Wine Australia has been allocated $4 million to develop and implement the business plan.

Wine Australia will continue to work with the grape and wine sector through Australian Vignerons (AV) and the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) to implement the programs. The President of WFA and Chairs of AV and Wine Australia will meet to agree the annual operational plan for the Package each year, which will be subject to Wine Australia Board approval, and to undertake mid-year reviews. The Wine Australia Board will also measure and report on progress.

Legislative changes to the Australian Grape and Wine Authority Act 2013 are being pursued to allow Wine Australia to implement the grants.

Key dates – indicative timetable

August–September:    Consultation on grant guidelines