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Toronto Winter Trade Tasting 2019

26 Feb 2019 Toronto Attending: Local trade and media Exhibit
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26 Feb 2019
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Attending: Local trade and media
Event finished

Our annual Toronto Winter Trade Tasting returns in 2019 on February 26th. This is the biggest showcase of the year for Australian wine in Ontario and brings together wineries from all across Australia.

With the room presented in a regional format, exhibitors and attendees will both find themselves able to understand the characteristics that define regions and the styles emerging from each. Preceding the tastings will be a seminar, hosted by Mark Davidson, and featuring three top sommeliers in Toronto. The event provides an opportunity to connect, re-connect and strengthen trade and media relationships through an educational lens.

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Top trade and media
150-200 top Toronto trade and media are expected to attend the trade tasting
VIPs at seminar
50 VIP trade and media will attend an Australian seminar hosted by Mark Davidson


For more information about the Toronto Winter Trade Tasting 2019, please email Annie Dingwall at

26 Feb 2019
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Toronto (venue TBC)

Frequently asked questions

About Toronto Trade Tasting 2019

What can attendees expect?

Guests will walk into the main floor with their glass and detailed tasting booklet. They will choose a starting point in the room and taste from table to table. Wine Australia staff will be on hand to expand upon regional education. Agents and principals will stand at the tables or walk about the room to speak to their wines. There will be some ‘somm’s choice’ focus tables represented by Toronto sommeliers from a recent visit to Australia.

What regions will be represented?

As many as possible depending on wine submissions. We typically represent 20-30 regions at tastings of this size. Moving to this new format means we will hopefully grow that number as well as showcase many more examples from some smaller regions.

How does wine submission work?
  • A diverse submission of wines (and vintages) is requested because the more regions we can represent, the better the education for guests.
  • Wineries can own a full table, or agents can share a table between multiple wineries. 8 is the maximum number of SKUs at a full table.
  • Tables/Products will be subject to confirmation.
What will we get for our investment?
  • Event management and regional education by Wine Australia
  • Exhibitor space to show wines
  • Access to buyers, product managers, store managers and media
  • Public relations and social media support by Wine Australia
  • Profile of wines and company in relevant marketing materials
  • Photography
  • Glassware & Spittoons
  • Signage
What type of collateral will be provided?

Winery tables will be outlined and cross-referenced with a region and subregion table of contents; showcased both in the booklet and displayed on collateral throughout the room.

Who is being invited to the event?

A target audience of 150+ Ontario trade including wine directors, retail/grocery buyers, on-premise buyers, educators, and print and online media.

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