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Facilitator guides.
Our facilitator guides include detailed, engaging, and easy to understand content to help you produce your presentations, deliver an event or master particular topics and confidently share your knowledge of Australian wine regions or specific varieties with others.
Customisable presentations.
Make your own wine education and training sessions or events more engaging by downloading an editable PowerPoint presentation and adding your own logo or personal touch, or simply cut and paste relevant slides into your own presentation.
Add depth to your next wine training session, tasting or event by using our downloadable, editable resources – certificates of attendance, editable tasting lists and tasting mats.
With a diverse patchwork of 65 regions across many climates, Australia is a wine country like no other. View and download a range of state and wine region maps, so you know exactly where each wine region is located.
Advanced notes.
Dive deeper into Australian wine with our advanced notes on topics such as the environment and climate, pests and disease management, vineyard management and more.
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