Australia’s world-class wine on show at China Roadshow 2019
Last updated 20 May 2019

Australia’s rich diversity of world-class wine will be showcased at Wine Australia’s China Roadshow (21–29 May 2019) – the largest travelling Australian wine tasting in China.

Vale Colin Campbell OAM
Last updated 13 May 2019

The Australian grape and wine community has lost a tireless leader, contributor, advocate and friend with the death of Colin Campbell OAM last week.

Future Leaders of Australian wine announced
Last updated 09 May 2019

Fifteen talented and driven professionals from across Australia have been announced as the Future Leaders 2019. They will join a growing alumnus of committed individuals ready and willing to drive the future success of the grape and wine community.

Cellar Door Grants to encourage wine tourism
Last updated 08 May 2019

Wine producers, with cellar doors attracting visitors to wine regions, may be eligible for Wine Tourism and Cellar Door Grants of up to $100,000 based on sales in the 2018‑19 year.

Australian wine exports continue to grow in value
Last updated 01 May 2019

The total value of Australian wine exports increased by 5 per cent to $2.78 billion in the 12 months to March 2019, with the average value per litre climbing to $3.41, the highest level since 2009.

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A window into the climate looking glass
Last updated 10 May 2019

Grapegrowers have increasingly become adept at dealing with year-to-year climatic variability in their vineyards. But how do you respond to a climatic change you’ve never experienced before? A new online climatic ‘atlas’ hopes to go some way to providing the answers.

Aussie rootstocks make their debut
Last updated 10 May 2019

A recently released study focused on breeding and selecting new locally adapted rootstocks has had resounding success, with three new rootstocks to be released.

Water on the agenda for Riverland growers
Last updated 10 May 2019

The Riverland Regional Program has moved swiftly on news that the opening water allocation for Riverland winegrowers has been set at 14 per cent, announcing two intensive water workshops later this month.

Securing talent in viticulture and winemaking
Last updated 10 May 2019

In a recent New York Times article on the Australian wine sector Mac Forbes, a winemaker from in and around the Yarra Valley made the following point when referring to the status and importance of viticulture; ‘A bigger problem than climate change is attracting good, young people to agriculture.’

Farmers2Founders provides a path for grape and wine innovators
Last updated 10 May 2019

Ag+Food Tech has become something of a buzzword in recent years, with digital technologies from big data to robotics developed to enable better on-farm and off-farm decision making in agriculture and food production around the world.

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China Roadshow: Fast facts on Tianjin, Hangzhou, Kunming and Shenzhen
Last updated 21 May 2019

Now in its eighth year, the China Roadshow 2019 will be engaging a wide variety of wine buyers in a mini trade-fair, master classes and a new-to-market program. The eight-day journey will have Australian wine exhibitors cover 5000 kilometres as they travel across mainland China.

Federal Election – facts about Australia’s wine region electorates
Last updated 14 May 2019

There are 16.4 million Australians eligible to vote in the Federal Election, and 35 per cent of them live in a ‘wine region electorate’.

Opportunities for Australian wine in Japan
Last updated 07 May 2019

Japan is a significant market for Australian wine, ranking as the eighth biggest export destination by volume and value. In the 12 months ended March 2019, exports to Japan grew by 16 per cent to reach a record $55 million.

Continued sustainable growth in the value of Australian wine exports
Last updated 01 May 2019

In the year ended March 2019, Australian wine exports increased 5 per cent in value free on board (FOB) to $2.78 billion and decreased in volume 3 per cent to 814 million litres (90 million 9-litre case equivalents).

Chardonnay: Australia’s top white variety
Last updated 23 Apr 2019

Australian Chardonnay has enjoyed the sector’s highs and weathered its lows with resilience, and it continues to hold a special place for Australian wine lovers. It remains Australia’s top white variety and second overall behind Shiraz.

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Aussie Wine Month announcement

15 February 2018

Wine Australia regularly reviews the impact of our activities and, following this review, we won’t be coordinating Aussie Wine Month in the future. While Aussie Wine Month generated a lot of enthusiasm about promoting and enjoying exceptional Australian wine domestically, we are focusing our resources on growing Australian wine exports to our key markets and maximising opportunities internationally to gain positive outcomes for Australian wine.

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