Largest ever global promotion of Australian wine to launch in April
Last updated 31 Mar 2021

Wine buyers around the world will be able to discover and connect with Australian wines on a first-of-its-kind virtual platform launching 27 April.

USA Market Entry Program open for applications
Last updated 12 May 2020

Wine Australia’s USA Market Entry Program is now taking applications for the upcoming 2020 program.

Australian wine strikes a new chord in America
Last updated 14 Oct 2019

Australian wine has been centre stage in the United States of America during a six-week campaign that has dazzled the American trade, consumers and media.

Australian wine scene vibrantly brought to life in New York City
Last updated 23 Sep 2019

More than a thousand New York wine lovers gathered at the Union West in Chelsea from 17–19 September for the launch of Wine Australia’s ‘Far From Ordinary’ campaign – a six-week promotion aimed at reinvigorating Australian wine sales in the crucial USA market.

Wine Australia launches largest-ever promotion of Australian wine in the USA
Last updated 16 Sep 2019

This week, Wine Australia launches its largest-ever promotion of Australian wine in the USA – the Far From Ordinary campaign – supported by the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package (the $50m Package).

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Sensing smoke with a simple drop of juice or wine
Last updated 17 Sep 2021

Using nanofabrication techniques, Dr Suwen Law is investigating whether a single drop of grape juice or wine placed on a sensor can detect smoke taint – and to what extent.

New prototype app plots vine nutritional status
Last updated 17 Sep 2021

A team of viticulturists, plant physiologists and machine learning specialists have developed a prototype smartphone app that diagnoses nutritional disorders in grapevines.

Wine authenticity study reveals interesting results
Last updated 17 Sep 2021

Important progress using stable isotope-based analytical techniques to determine wine authenticity and provenance has recently been made.

Tasmanian producers on the front foot with regional activities
Last updated 17 Sep 2021

Dr Jenny Sinclair from Cape Bernier not only grows and makes wine on the Tasman Peninsula, but is a well-respected researcher in ecology and environmental accounting. 

New tool identifies grape varieties suited to warmer climates
Last updated 17 Sep 2021

A new, free online tool that collates data on 465 different wine grape varieties suited for warmer climates has been released.

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When less is more
Last updated 14 Sep 2021

No and low alcohol wines and wine products are attracting a lot of attention lately. This segment is forecast to grow by 15 per cent per annum globally over the next five years, compared with less than 1 per cent for total wine volume.

Global wine trade faces turbulent times
Last updated 31 Aug 2021

Early signs suggest that global wine production (supply) and consumption (demand) may be closer together in 2021 than they have been since 2017. However, physically bringing wine and consumers together may be harder than ever before, as turbulence in wine markets and shipping routes disrupt global wine trade.

Grenache back in the spotlight
Last updated 17 Aug 2021

The rise in popularity of lighter and medium-bodied red wines around the world has seen a resurgence in Australian Grenache in recent years. 

A closer look at Australia’s wine exports to South Korea
Last updated 03 Aug 2021

South Korea was ranked as the second most attractive wine market in the world in 2020 according to Wine Intelligence. Now, it has jumped from Australia’s 15th export market by value to 10th in the past 12 months.

Export growth to other destinations unable to offset decline to mainland China
Last updated 21 Jul 2021

In the year ended June 2021, Australian wine exports decreased by 10 per cent in value to $2.56 billion and by 5 per cent in volume to 695 million litres (77 million 9-litre case equivalents).

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.