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Australia’s fine wine to be showcased at Chengdu off the back of surging China demand
Last updated 21 Jan 2020

Australia will bring its largest fine wine showcase of more than 100 brands to Chengdu trade shows this March, off the back of a surging demand for premium wine in China

Business the focus at China’s leading international wine expo
Last updated 18 Nov 2019

A record 61 Australian wine exhibitors showcased some of the country’s finest wines at China’s leading international wine and spirit expo ProWine China, from 12 to 14 November.

Eight wine champions honoured at Wine Australia China Awards
Last updated 12 Nov 2019

Winners of the seventh annual Wine Australia China Awards were honoured at a gala dinner in Shanghai on 11 November 2019 for championing the Australian wine category in China.  

Australian wineries Shanghai-bound as exports continue to grow in value
Last updated 08 Nov 2019

A big month of China wine events in November 2019 has seen Australian wine producers travel to Shanghai for back-to-back trade and media engagement opportunities.

Australian wine exports to China reach new record
Last updated 30 Oct 2019

Australian wine exports to China (including Hong Kong and Macau) have reached a record value of $1.25 billion, an increase of 18 per cent, with average value increasing by 40 per cent to $8.42 per litre FOB in the 12 months to September 2019.

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Slow the ripening for a better outcome
Last updated 13 Aug 2021

Climate change is presenting a number of challenges for the global wine sector. For fruit development, longer and warmer seasons mean that optimal berry sugar is achieved before the flavour and colour profiles are fully developed. This is expected to be an increasing problem as the world continues to warm. 

The science of matching crop irrigation to actual water usage
Last updated 13 Aug 2021

How much irrigation is enough? It’s an age-old question for growers, and one a recently-completed Wine Australia Incubator Initiative project hopes to provide the answer to.

Cabernet Sauvignon the focus of clonal project in WA
Last updated 13 Aug 2021

Work continues on the clonal project by Wine Australia’s Regional Program in Western Australia (WA) with Cabernet Sauvignon now the focus of the project.

New trial to put precision site mapping to the test
Last updated 13 Aug 2021

Plant health mapping, automated machinery, inground sensors and bunch counting are no longer just hi-tech buzzwords, they are increasingly everyday tools employed by growers and managers to help them manage nutrition, vine stress and disease in the vineyard.

Cypriot varieties an emerging favourite for drought tolerance – and taste
Last updated 09 Jul 2021

Australian consumers have given several drought-resistant grape varieties native to Cyprus the thumbs up on taste, a new study has found.

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When less is more
Last updated 14 Sep 2021

No and low alcohol wines and wine products are attracting a lot of attention lately. This segment is forecast to grow by 15 per cent per annum globally over the next five years, compared with less than 1 per cent for total wine volume.

Global wine trade faces turbulent times
Last updated 31 Aug 2021

Early signs suggest that global wine production (supply) and consumption (demand) may be closer together in 2021 than they have been since 2017. However, physically bringing wine and consumers together may be harder than ever before, as turbulence in wine markets and shipping routes disrupt global wine trade.

Grenache back in the spotlight
Last updated 17 Aug 2021

The rise in popularity of lighter and medium-bodied red wines around the world has seen a resurgence in Australian Grenache in recent years. 

A closer look at Australia’s wine exports to South Korea
Last updated 03 Aug 2021

South Korea was ranked as the second most attractive wine market in the world in 2020 according to Wine Intelligence. Now, it has jumped from Australia’s 15th export market by value to 10th in the past 12 months.

Export growth to other destinations unable to offset decline to mainland China
Last updated 21 Jul 2021

In the year ended June 2021, Australian wine exports decreased by 10 per cent in value to $2.56 billion and by 5 per cent in volume to 695 million litres (77 million 9-litre case equivalents).

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.