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CSU Research: Testing the tasting of Australian Shiraz in Hong Kong
Last updated 25 Jun 2018

Asia’s premier wine trade fair has provided the perfect opportunity for National Wine and Grape Industry Centre (NWGIC) and Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) researchers to collect data while promoting Australian wine.

A celebration of Australian Wine Made Our Way
Last updated 14 Jun 2018

Record numbers of Chinese wine trade, media and consumers enthusiastically participated in the Wine Australia China Roadshow 2018 that visited Shenyang, Jinan and Wuhan before concluding in Shanghai on 11 June 2018.

From Hong Kong to China – the record Australian wine showcase continues
Last updated 01 Jun 2018

The huge contingent of Australian wine exhibitors participating at Vinexpo Hong Kong has called a wrap on its most successful event and is headed to Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan and Wuhan for the largest showcase of Australian wine travelling across China – the China Roadshow (4–11 June).

Wine Australia signs Chinese e-commerce MoU with Alibaba
Last updated 31 May 2018

Wine Australia and Chinese multinational e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to better showcase Australian wine on the world’s fastest growing e-commerce platform, Tmall.

The rich diversity of Australian wine showcased at Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018
Last updated 28 May 2018

The largest-ever international celebration of Australian wine will be held at Vinexpo Hong Kong, Asia’s premier wine and spirits trade fair, for three days from Tuesday 29 May.

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A little good news on climate change
Last updated 13 Jul 2018

Climate change is with us, but the future impact on the wine sector may not be quite as dramatic as many fear.

Under-vine cover crops show their value
Last updated 13 Jul 2018

Australian vineyards could soon look very different at ground level if the results of research by the University of Adelaide have the expected impact.

Monitoring the vineyard from all angles
Last updated 13 Jul 2018

Vineyards can often be busy places, but two blocks in McLaren Vale have seen abnormal levels of activity in recent months.

The local Accolade Wines viticulturists have hosted waves of CSIRO scientists who are determined and equipped to measure all manner of things in all manner of ways.

‘Optimisation’ underpins the Riverland’s vision
Last updated 13 Jul 2018

Riverland Wine has formed a partnership with the University of Adelaide and is seeking funding to develop an ‘optimisation’ project it believes will be of national significance.

Going digital at the weighbridge
Last updated 13 Jul 2018

Digital technology is rapidly expanding its presence and impact in the wine sector, and the next stop could be at the weighbridge.

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Analysing the opportunities in the USA on- and off-trade
Last updated 18 Jul 2018

To coincide with Australia Decanted, this bulletin looks at recent sales statistics that are pointing to some positive signs for the Australian wine category in the USA that provide opportunities for the Australian wine sector to build on.

Australia’s red blends are made our way
Last updated 10 Jul 2018

The red blend in wine is not new and equally it is not unique to any one wine producing nation. However, there is a difference in the way that many regions approach a blended wine.

Latest report shows perceptions of Australian wine are improving
Last updated 03 Jul 2018

The brand health of Australian wines has seen marked improvement over the past eight years, particularly in consumer perceptions of quality and value for money.

Goal, goal, goal! Where the World Cup competition sits in the wine market
Last updated 26 Jun 2018

There are 32 teams competing in the World Cup 2018. This week’s market bulletin provides an overview of where each country ranks in still wine consumption.

The more things change...Lessons from innovation across the drinks industry
Last updated 19 Jun 2018

Recent trends in the global alcoholic drinks industry have strongly featured disruption and innovation, blurring product definitions and even category boundaries. These trends have significant implications for wine, broadening both the opportunities and the scope for competition.

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Aussie Wine Month announcement

15 February 2018

Wine Australia regularly reviews the impact of our activities and, following this review, we won’t be coordinating Aussie Wine Month in the future. While Aussie Wine Month generated a lot of enthusiasm about promoting and enjoying exceptional Australian wine domestically, we are focusing our resources on growing Australian wine exports to our key markets and maximising opportunities internationally to gain positive outcomes for Australian wine.