‘Growing Wine Tourism’ wins at Wine Industry IMPACT Awards
Last updated 18 Oct 2019

The team behind Wine Australia’s Growing Wine Tourism program has won a Wine Industry IMPACT Award for building the capability and competitiveness of Australian wine producers.

$45.5 billion contribution supports healthy regions and jobs
Last updated 16 Oct 2019

Australia’s grapegrowers, winemakers and wine tourism operators contribute $45.5 billion to the Australian economy and the sector supports 163,790 direct and indirect full- and part-time jobs, according to an independent economic report produced by AgEconPlus released today by Wine Australia.

Direct-to-consumer wine sales grow 9 per cent to reach $1 billion
Last updated 08 Oct 2019

DTC accounted for an estimated 17 per cent of total Australian wine sales value, significantly over-indexing in value compared with its volume share of 3 per cent, according to the Cellar Door and Direct-to-Consumer report 2019, published today by Wine Australia.

Growing Wine Exports workshops are Tasmania-bound
Last updated 27 Sep 2019

Tasmanian wine businesses looking to grow their wine exports are being offered new tools, insights and strategies to solidify wine sales in target markets.

Australian Government grants help promote Barossa wine at home and abroad
Last updated 25 Sep 2019

The Barossa wine community has shared in more than $470,000 in Australian Government grants to promote Barossa wine in China and USA markets and attract more international tourists to their wine region.

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Demonstrate the quality and sustainability of your wines through the BRIT Award
Last updated 12 Jul 2019

Applications are open for the international award for excellence in sustainable winegrowing – the BRIT Award.

What’s your tolerance? Label alcohol tolerance by market
Last updated 25 Jun 2019

A summary of the current alcohol statement information for 33 plus countries that Wine Australia publishes Export Market Guides for.

Thailand and Brazil chemical analysis certificates
Last updated 03 Apr 2019

In the last edition of Exporter News we noted the imminent introduction of a chemical analysis certificate to accompany wines exported to Thailand. This edition, we provide an update on the proposal and a new format for chemical analysis certification for wines to Brazil.

Export Market Guides: changes in eight markets including the Philippines
Last updated 01 Jun 2018

Among changes in eight markets that have been included in recent updates to Wine Australia’s Export Market Guides is a new import procedure in the Philippines.

Prosecco – what is the deal?
Last updated 01 Jun 2018

Prosecco is widely recognised as a grape variety, but it can’t be used as a grape variety in some markets including Europe, China, Canada, South Africa, Chile and Vietnam. So, why are the rules in each market so different?

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Wine in cans: growth in retail sales but what can it mean for Australian exports
Last updated 24 Sep 2019

Wine in cans is an emerging category that is seeing growth in consumer sales in Australia and overseas, thanks to its versatility, affordability and convenience.

Exploring wine’s premiumisation trend
Last updated 13 Aug 2019

Premium wine’s share of the market has increase since 2013, comprising 13 per cent of the volume and 36 per cent of the value of wine consumed around the globe in 2018, indicating a growing trend towards premiumisation.

The USA has joined China in growth of Australian wine export value
Last updated 22 Jul 2019

In the year ended June 2019, Australian wine exports increased 4 per cent in value free on board (FOB) to $2.86 billion and decreased in volume 6 per cent to 801 million litres (89 million 9-litre case equivalents).

Not just another BRIC in the wall
Last updated 09 Jul 2019

The term ‘BRIC’ was originally coined in 2001 by Jim O'Neill (Goldman Sachs) as an acronym for the four rapidly developing countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which symbolised the shift in global economic power away from the developed G7 economies.

Organic wine – a sustainable trend?
Last updated 11 Jun 2019

Consumer interest in wines that are certified organic, vegan friendly, biodynamic, preservative free or carbon neutral is growing, but this isn’t translating into sales.

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Aussie Wine Month announcement

15 February 2018

Wine Australia regularly reviews the impact of our activities and, following this review, we won’t be coordinating Aussie Wine Month in the future. While Aussie Wine Month generated a lot of enthusiasm about promoting and enjoying exceptional Australian wine domestically, we are focusing our resources on growing Australian wine exports to our key markets and maximising opportunities internationally to gain positive outcomes for Australian wine.

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