$520,000 boost for wine export and wine tourism workshops
Last updated 25 Mar 2019

More wine businesses that are looking to grow their exports and tourist activity will benefit following a $520,000 funding boost to the Growing Wine Exports and Growing Wine Tourism programs.

CSU Research: Measuring bunch rot impact on wine quality
Last updated 13 Mar 2019

While the winegrape harvest accelerates across Australia, research at theNational Wine and Grape Industry Centre (NWGIC) is arming grapegrowers and winemakers with increased knowledge about how bunch rot can impact a final wine – and how much is too much.

New Market Explorer tool will deliver ongoing benefits to Australian wine exporters
Last updated 05 Mar 2019

Wine Australia today launched ‘Market Explorer’ – an online, interactive tool for current and potential wine exporters, providing unprecedented access to export market data.

Future Leaders 2019 applications close soon
Last updated 27 Feb 2019

Wine Australia is calling on the grape and wine community to share the word and ‘tap a friend’ on the shoulder for Future Leaders 2019. Applications are closing soon on 15 March 2019. 

Upgraded tool highlights solution to tricky rootstock selection
Last updated 26 Feb 2019

Wine Australia has released an upgraded Grapevine Rootstock Selector tool that will arm Australia’s winegrape growers with enhanced knowledge about the rootstocks that suit their individual vineyards.

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Thailand and Brazil chemical analysis certificates
Last updated 03 Apr 2019

In the last edition of Exporter News we noted the imminent introduction of a chemical analysis certificate to accompany wines exported to Thailand. This edition, we provide an update on the proposal and a new format for chemical analysis certification for wines to Brazil.

Export Market Guides: changes in eight markets including the Philippines
Last updated 01 Jun 2018

Among changes in eight markets that have been included in recent updates to Wine Australia’s Export Market Guides is a new import procedure in the Philippines.

Prosecco – what is the deal?
Last updated 01 Jun 2018

Prosecco is widely recognised as a grape variety, but it can’t be used as a grape variety in some markets including Europe, China, Canada, South Africa, Chile and Vietnam. So, why are the rules in each market so different?

AWRI using new technique for sensory analysis
Last updated 12 Jan 2018

Pivot profiling is a new sensory technique that is starting to have a big impact in the world of Australian wine.

Flying the flag for Tassie sparkling
Last updated 10 Nov 2017

If the rise and rise of Tasmanian sparkling is tempting you to go south and tend a few vines, here’s a bit of advice from someone who has more than a little inside knowledge.

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Australia’s eleventh largest wine export market – United Arab Emirates
Last updated 16 Apr 2019

Australia’s wine exports have grown significantly to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the past 5 years, from $13.6 million in 2013 to $31.1 million in 2018. The UAE is now the eleventh biggest destination for Australian wine exports by value

Where are Australia’s wine styles in vogue?
Last updated 26 Mar 2019

Much like judging a book by its cover, the style of a wine can determine many of the expectations a buyer has well before tasting it. A consumer may look at a bottle of red and make inferences about not just colour and taste, but also the wine making technique, time spent ageing, and even the region where the grapes were grown.

Using the new Market Explorer to analyse global wine markets
Last updated 05 Mar 2019

What do Matthew Flinders and Wine Australia’s new Market Explorer tool have in common? Research, Australia and exploring. But while Matthew Flinders had to sail around the world, and Australia, for months or years at a time to conduct his research, the Market Explorer tool allows Australian wine exporters to analyse global wine markets instantly through this new online tool.

Where does Australian wine attract preferential tariffs?
Last updated 27 Feb 2019

More than 60 per cent of Australia’s wine production is exported. Consequently, global trading conditions and access to markets overseas is crucial to the on-going success of the Australian grape and wine community.

Global Wine Consumption Trends
Last updated 12 Feb 2019

The latest international figures show that wine consumption grew at 0.5 per cent each year for the past three years, which translates to an extra 250 million glasses of wine being enjoyed each year.

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Aussie Wine Month announcement

15 February 2018

Wine Australia regularly reviews the impact of our activities and, following this review, we won’t be coordinating Aussie Wine Month in the future. While Aussie Wine Month generated a lot of enthusiasm about promoting and enjoying exceptional Australian wine domestically, we are focusing our resources on growing Australian wine exports to our key markets and maximising opportunities internationally to gain positive outcomes for Australian wine.

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